5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Creating and investing in a positive and motivated working atmosphere for your employees is crucial to keep your business thriving. Motivation is the drive and key to success. It is the heartbeat of your business. So, here are some ways for you to increase your workers’ motivation.

  • Set Goals and Celebrate Milestones
  • Most people need a drive and a push to pass through work obstacles. By setting reasonable goals for your employees they will have that drive. It will be something they will be looking forward and try their hardest to pass. Encouraging them positivity to reach their goal, will cause them to work double as hard to pass your set goal with flying colors. Start with small goals and then grow them gradually that the employees don’t crash. Be sure though to celebrate each milestone reached. This will keep your employees motivated, happy, and leave them with a feeling of pleasing your more.

  • Acknowledge Good Work
  • 69% of employees have said they will work harder if their efforts were better recognized. Everyone likes to feel recognized and acknowledged as an individual. Many Employers will neglect to do this and just constantly rebuke harshly their employees. What they do not realize is that not only will their employees not perform better with rebuke, but it will backfire on them. Employees lose their motivation and either perform poor work or quit. Praise and acknowledgment do not have to be specifically monetary. Although a surprise bonus is always appreciated, a genuine compliment or an ego booster email will suffice. A small free cup of coffee with a thank you note can work wonders.

  • Company Pride
  • Embedding in your employees a deep company pride is one of the most successful ways of getting employees motivated to perform better. If they care and love your company, they will automatically want it to be successful. There was once a wealthy, successful real-estate owner who used to partner up with his property managers on specific properties instead of hiring them. Since the managers got a percentage of the profit of the property, they were motivated and took pride in the property. This pride in the property they semi-owned, caused them to invest more time and effort in the property. He believed that his successes came from this. For companies with a unique selling point, it can be easy to create this pride. For example, Murse World– the only exclusive men’s scrubs store instills in their employees the need for their store and how crucial they are to the company. The employees feel they are needed both by their boss and to their customers and will want to please them both. You don’t have to be the only one of your kind to instill in your employee this pride. You can just make the employee feel so needed in the company that he will take pride and perform better.

  • Friendly Competitive Working Environment
  • Creating a bit of healthy competition will keep your workers motivated and driven to work harder. For example, creating a want among the workers to each want to perform better than their colleagues. If you are a local retail store, get your workers to compete who can sell the most pieces of clothing that day, or if you are a telemarketing company, get them to see which one can raise the most money.

  • Working Conditions and Special Outings
  • Rule of thumb: Treat your employees how you would want to treat yourself. Employees will become resentful if their boss has a fancy big office with all the latest technology and they are cramped in a tiny workspace with a broken old computer or machine. Be sure that their working conditions are something they look forward to going to each day and are comfortable in. Surprise them from time to time with a special treat, that they will feel gratitude to you strive to pay you back with great work. A printing company took out their employees on a weekend retreat to promote positive vibes and keep their employees happy that they felt motivated to work better.

    So now that you read this, I am sure you are left with a lot of food for thought. Although some of these things may mean some extra expenses or breaking some of your personality natures, trust me this is a worthwhile investment. Since motivated employees is one of the most integral parts of the road to your success.

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