7 Advantages of Using Webinars for Training New Employees

Based on factors such as size, work culture, and employee retention, each firm has distinct training requirements for new workers. Some companies offer self-paced, asynchronous and rapid onboarding training for the new hires, while some have monthly synchronous group training sessions.

Because some businesses exclusively employ remote employees, bringing them together would be impossible. In any case, employing webinars to teach new workers, whether self-paced or in groups, is a creative concept.

Given their virtual nature, webinars may be more participatory and interesting than face-to-face sessions when set up correctly. The following are the 7 advantages of using webinars for hiring and training:

How Can Video Help Your Business?

More Participation

Employees are often swayed by their coworkers’ reactions. Users may submit question requests, polls, and surveys live using webinar integrations in an LMS like Digitalchalk that gives you the features like zoom integrations for video calling for longer hours and recording the meets for future use. Once one of their peers asks a question, others are also encouraged to freely share their worries and inquiries. Furthermore, employees may find it easier to voice their issues online.

Making material accessible

All employees, whether they are distant, scattered, or on-premises, may benefit from webinars. Travel expenditures are significantly reduced in this case, and the cash may be utilised for other beneficial purposes. Furthermore, the footage can be saved in the system and retrieved as needed. It also enables automatic transcription of the webinar and translation of the transcript into several languages. As a result, the training course and the material obtained can be used by a wide range of learners all around the world.

Making training more relevant

Trainers can utilise webinars to focus on certain departments by tailoring teaching material to their unique requirements. This guarantees that every learner receives only relevant courses and information. As a result, your employees will be even more engaged in the training program since it will target their unique requirements and provide them with greater value.

Creating material libraries

Companies may utilise webinars to establish libraries of archived webinar training sessions depending on the key themes addressed in them or the particular departments they serve. This will provide a more customised and consistent experience for all corporate learners, who will be able to use this system at their leisure to explore the relevant categories and collections. It will also create a common information library to which the staff will be able to quickly access anytime they need assistance.

Motivating the employees

Companies should establish a practise of hosting frequent webinars for ongoing employees’ continuous improvement and learning by using webinars for employee training instead of in-person training programs. This approach will assist the firm in fostering a learning culture and instilling an attitude of development in all workers. These training courses may also be utilised to bring the entire business together as one and foster a sense of belonging.

Enabling interdepartmental collaborations

Because webinars are performed remotely, they may allow a larger number of learners as attendees in each session. Instead of dividing workers into various groups, all workers may pick the training course they need and profit evenly from every session, instead of feeling left behind. This also lets staff from many departments communicate with one another and collaborate on various webinar initiatives.

Giving employee a scope to interact with higher management

Workers frequently feel shut off from their businesses’ senior executives and the higher management. Meanwhile, Webinars can help them improve their relationships and connection with the management. Staff turnover is reduced, loyalty is increased, and workers feel appreciated through general sessions, meetings, and instructional sessions.


Current times require digitization of almost each and every thing. Especially during the recent changes in the working scenarios due to COVID 19 pandemic, when almost everyone has been forced to work remotely, webinars have become one of the most powerful and effective tools for employee training.

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