7 Tips To Winning Your Child’s Custody As A Father

To win over child custody in favor of the father, you need to be truthful, pay child support and maintain good relations with everyone.

Nearly half of all American marriages end in divorce. They do so to go their separate ways and start a new life. This is typically not a problem unless the married couple has a child. Then it becomes complex. Both of the parents want to keep the child with them. 

This often leads to a court deciding which parent the child should stay with full-time and which parent will only have visitation rights. This is also very difficult for the court to decide since a wrong decision could permanently impact the child’s life and development.

If you are a divorced couple living in San Diego, you need to contact a divorce lawyer in San Diego. If they can resolve the matter out of court and reach a settlement agreement, then the process will be faster and more straightforward. But if they cannot, then the case will have to go to court – and that can get very tricky.

If you are the father and want to win your child’s custody, you can follow these simple tips. While this should not be considered legal advice, and none of these measures are full proof, these tips will increase your chances of winning the case.

1. Contact A Good Child Custody Counsel

The first thing you need to do is hire a law firm specializing in family law and get a lawyer with experience with custody cases. The more experienced the counsel is, the better.

This is one area the wealth of experience of your lawyer will clearly put you at a significant advantage during the case proceedings.

Fortunately, for San Diego residents, there are a lot of very well renowned Mens Legal San Diego attorneys here. 


2. Be Truthful With The Court

No matter what the situation is. You need to always be truthful and honest in front of the court. You need to speak honestly about how well you can handle raising a child. If you are not honest and upfront about your abilities to care for the child, things will quickly spiral out of your control.

That is because, generally, custody cases tend to decide in favor of the mother caring for the child over the father. So, a truthful assessment of your situation is critical for a court to grant you custody.

If you cannot take the responsibilities, then say so, but convince the court that you will do your best to fulfill your obligations. 

If you say you can take the responsibilities, but the court later finds out that you are incapable of raising your child, you will be losing the case, and you might also get additional penalties for trying to deceive the court.


3. Have All The Answers Ready

Having all the answers ready means going to the court with a plan. You need to work with your lawyer to prepare for any number of questions from various topics: income, mental and emotional health, physical health, home situation, finances, etc. In the child custody case, you can expect to get questioned by the court frequently. You need to have a plan and get the answers ready beforehand. 

You can search online about the different sorts of questions asked in the court or speak with other parents who won child custody. Your lawyer’s experience in family law will greatly help you gain insights into what questions you should expect to face. 

With the correct answers and the right plan, you increase the chances of you winning the case.


4. Maintain Good Relations With Family Members And Neighbors

When there is a case of child custody, the court will look into the parents’ background, especially how they are perceived by friends, family, neighbors, and members of the community.  These character references are critical in introducing your capabilities as a parent.  You have to demonstrate that you are well adjusted to your situation and have ample support in the community to help you to take on such a great responsibility of sole custody. An investigation team from the court will ask people close to the parents about what type of person they are.

If you can demonstrate to the cour that you have been an outstanding neighbor and a supportive friend or family member to people in your life, then that increases your credibility and level of stability.  Stability is what the courts want to see when deciding which parent would be better suited for the child’s custody.

But if the character references speak ill of you, you will most certainly lose all chances of winning the case. So maintain a good relationship with the people around you and in your life.


5. Get Ready To Pay Child Support

You need to be ready to pay child support for your children as well. If you are unwilling to pay child support, then you will automatically lose the case. Paying for child support means you prioritize the welfare of your child over all else, and it demonstrates your ability to financially handle such a responsibility. 

It will also ensure that the child can have a safe and secure future. If the court understands that you have the child’s best interest in your mind, then the case will help you.


6. Act Calm And Collected At The Court

This is a common trick that the lawyer of the other parent plays. They try to provoke you to trigger unstable behavior from the opposing side. If the discussion gets heated and you lose your temper, then you can kiss goodbye to winning a case in court. The court will think that you are not suited for the child. Outbursts of emotions and anger will most certainly hinder your chances of winning custody.

This is why no matter how much the lawyer or the other parent provokes you, you must not lose your calm. Even if you feel attacked or accused of false claims, you must at all times keep your responses level-headed and calm. Remember, your performance in court is a way for the judge to assess your abilities as a parent.


7. Get To Know The Rules

As a father, if you want to win custody, you need to follow specific rules and regulations provided by the court. 

Some of these rules include “Do not incriminate the other parent,” “Stay involved in the child’s life,” “Do not disparage the other parent,” and lastly, “Do not lose self-control in public.” 

These rules are strictly followed in San Diego, and violation of these rules will negatively impact your chances of winning custody of your child.


Final Thoughts

Divorce is a part of life, and if you are in a marriage, you have to be prepared to face it as you have a 50/50 chance of facing divorce.

Divorces don’t have to be messy or acrimonious – especially when there is a child involved. Your child will need the love and support from both parents – especially during this challenging time.

So, instead of considering your ex as your adversary, you need to look at them as your competitor trying to prove to the court they are the ones who can take the best care of the child in question.

Approach the custody case with that frame of mind, and keep emotions and negative feelings out of it as best as you can.

Ultimately, the system is designed to grant custody to the parent who is best equipped with the resources and support needed to care for the child.

Good luck!

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