Staying at the Top: 9 Bad SEO Practices That Are Harming Your Search Engine Rankings

Are you not getting the SEO results you expected? Most business owners who try to handle the optimization of their website on their own will end up making some or all of the following mistakes. Learn what to avoid so you don’t make mistakes that could harm the search engine rankings for the website.

Taking Shortcuts to Get Results

Many new business owners will hear about shortcuts that can get results faster and might decide to give them a try. Shortcuts like copying articles from somewhere else, purchasing links, and more are going to do far more harm than good. Instead, working with a digital marketing firm can help them get started optimizing the website properly.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content, whether it’s from another website or simply pasted on a few different pages for the same website, is never a good idea. All content placed on the website should be unique to avoid issues where the major search engines aren’t certain which website to rank and which one to ignore.

Duplicate Titles

Just like the content on the website, every title needs to be unique. Titles should be optimized and should match the content without being too long, which can be difficult to do. However, this can make a difference in whether a page is used to help boost the website’s ranking.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are crucial, but too many of them is not a good idea. Keywords should naturally fit in the content on the website and should match the topic. Putting the keyword in an article multiple times within a paragraph, known as keyword stuffing, is going to lead to the website’s ranking lowering.

Poor Hosting Provider

Choosing the right hosting provider can make a difference when it comes to optimization. Websites that load quickly and have minimal downtime are going to rank higher than websites that take more than a few seconds to load or that have issues loading very often. Avoid using a host that can’t guarantee minimal downtime or fast loading speeds.

Not Enough Content

Creating quality content takes time, but it’s necessary to achieve a higher ranking. Websites that don’t have enough content aren’t going to be noticed by the search engines and, even once they are noticed, are not going to be ranked quickly. Search engines want quality content that their users are going to be interested in.

Poor Quality Links

Poor quality links are those that redirect the visitor if they’re clicked or that go to low-quality websites. Instead of purchasing a ton of backlinks or linking to any website just to fit in more links, make sure the links that are on the website are high-quality. It’s better to have fewer high-quality links than to have a ton of low-quality links.

The Wrong Keywords

Keyword research is a must. If the wrong keywords are used, the website is not going to be found by potential customers. Always check to make sure the right keywords are being used and create new content with new keywords to keep up with changes in what visitors are looking for.

Low-Quality Guest Posts

Guest posts can help the website reach a higher ranking, but they aren’t effective if they’re of low quality. Instead, be picky about any guest posts published on the website and make sure they’re up to standards before they go live.

Mistakes are easy to make when it comes to optimizing a website, but they need to be avoided if at all possible. Above are some of the most common mistakes business owners make when they’re optimizing their website so you can recognize them and avoid them on your website.

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