Basic Techniques to Get More Website Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website can be easier than you think. You indeed need a certain amount of knowledge to succeed, but once you know where to look, you’ll be on your way. So before getting too deep in the technicalities of websites, there are a few basic techniques you’ll need to focus on. These techniques are the main key to boosting your website traffic, and they are as follows:

  1. SEO
  2. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the most important strategy for driving website traffic. Basically, SEO helps your website rank better on the search engine result pages (SERPs). By doing so, you’re being placed in front of potentially billions of users who seek the search engines for advice every day.

    However, the factors on which the search engine rank websites are over 200. So, instead of drowning yourself in a crash course of SEO and getting lost, you can follow the advice of these SEO experts and focus on effective key SEO strategies. As a result, you’ll see significant changes in no time.

    The key SEO points you should focus on are as follows:

    • On-Site SEO
    • Every time you improve your website and get more traffic as a result, this is on-site SEO. There are a few key factors in on-site SEO, the most important of which focused on your descriptions (meta-description, alt-text image description), headings font, and the sitemap and structure of your website.

    • Off-Site SEO
    • On the other hand, off-site SEO covers all the marketing activities you do off-site which helps in improving your ranking as a result. The most commonly known off-site strategy is social media marketing, but what’s even more important is to implement a strong backlink profile.

    • Local SEO
    • The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and now, they prioritize local ranking over anything else. To exploit this golden opportunity, your local website can make the most out of local SEO by creating a compelling Google My Business profile, as well as listing your website in other online directories.

    • Technical SEO
    • Don’t be scared of the word technical, the main factors you need to focus on in this part is optimizing the speed of your website and creating a responsive and mobile-friendly version for mobile devices.

    • Content
    • No matter how good your SEO strategy is, the content you create can make or break your whole marketing efforts. Make sure to write for the readers; give them something they can trust and benefit from. Don’t stuff keywords in your content, but rather, match the keywords you use to the search intent. The best way to do that is by using LSI keywords.

  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. The fast track to getting better exposure is by getting the help of someone who’s already well-positioned on the internet. Influencer marketing works for both of your benefits; you make a deal with them about something they’re interested in or will benefit from, and they promote you among their well-established fanbase. You might find some difficulty in getting influencers to agree, but it all depends on what you offer them. You also want to target influencers wisely by deciding whether or not their fanbase will be the right kind of traffic you’re seeking.

  5. Email Marketing

  6. By using email marketing, you create an easy and open channel of communication with your audience at any point in their customer journey. You’ll turn your visitors into leads and encourage your leads to become customers by constantly popping up in their inboxes and providing them with what they need.

  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. There’s been a long-standing debate on whether your social media marketing performance affects your SEO ranking. To put it briefly, it doesn’t; at least not directly. But you can leverage social media to your advantage by referring to your website in all of your social media campaigns. Make sure to fill in all your information and add your website link on your social media platforms.

  9. Paid Advertising
  10. You can always pay to reach more people and this works for both advertising on the search engine result pages or on social media platforms. Paid advertising comes with the advantage of enabling you to expand your target audience beyond your current followers, which helps in expanding your niche or launching new services.

Improving the performance of your website and finding success in the digital world requires both skill and art. You’ll find a gazillion way to increase your traffic, but, in all honesty, you just need to start with a few basic techniques and build on from there. These techniques include SEO, influencer marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

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