3 Expert Conversion Optimization Tips To Boost ROI From Lawyer SEO

It’s no secret that businesses hoping to achieve any kind of success in 2019 and beyond need to capitalize on the power of the internet. Whether through social media or their very own websites, companies must take advantage of the powerful online tools at their disposal, most importantly search engine optimization. Lawyers are one of the few professionals who are still sort of playing catch-up when it comes to creating a powerful online presence and taking advantage of digital strategies to grow. These 3 expert conversion tips will help you boost your ROI using SEO strategies for lawyers.

  1. Know your audience
  2. The most important step for a lawyer that wants to generate more leads online is knowing their audience. You can’t possibly hope to start targeting people online and lure them into using your services if you don’t even know who you’re after. You have to understand that people spend a little less than half their time awake online, and this is where you need to approach them. Your target audience no longer looks for lawyers in the yellow pages; they open Google and look them up. This is why you need to focus your SEO strategies on those people who’ll be looking up lawyer services, and the only way to do that is if you know what you’re after.

    After identifying your audience, you can then create a successful and targeted plan to optimize your content in order to reach them. The great thing about search engine optimization is the fact that it allows you to have access to a lot of data about your demographics, which makes it much easier to create tailored content and social media campaigns to engage them.

  3. Work on your content and website
  4. The most important part of your plan to boost your ROI using SEO as a lawyer is focused on your content. It’s crucial that you create quality content for your audience that would engage them and keep them interested. SEO specialists at https://www.lawyerseo.com add that it’s very important that you have a thorough analysis of the content of your website to understand how optimized it is for search engines. There are several angles you need to consider here, and Google will take each and every one of them into consideration when it comes to your search engine ranking.

    For starters, concerning the content, you need to regularly update it. Nothing keeps your audience coming back more than fresh, interesting content that would grab their attention, and as a result turn them into leads. It has to be quality content, though, because you can rest assured that poorly made content will drive people from your website, not to it.

    You then have to optimize the design and speed of your website, because Google puts a great focus on the user experience and it can seriously affect your ranking. The more optimized your website is, and the smoother the navigation, the better your search engine ranking will be and the more people will find out about your business. So, make sure you create a good user experience that will encourage people to come back to your website when they have a legal inquiry in mind, and make it easy for them to navigate through all your content to find answers to the questions they want to ask. And remember, minimize the legal jargon, because that can be extremely off-putting to a lot of people, and would definitely hurt your SEO plan.

  5. Expand your reach on social media
  6. Law firm or not, as a business, you can’t hope to reach a large number of people without having a presence on the different social media platforms. You can easily attract new leads using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media also significantly boosts your ROI since you’ll be driving traffic to your website, which will reflect on your search engine ranking and your overall reach. If you manage to create targeted campaigns on different platforms, you’ll reach a large number of people who will in turn click on your website. In time, you’ll start generating a lot more leads than you’re used to, just because you properly capitalized on the power of social media.

There are many tools at your disposal as a lawyer to generate more leads online, but you have to optimize your content and make the most out of those tools. The numbers show that over 95% of people looking for legal services do it online, and as a lawyer, you cannot afford to not be accessible to all those people, because that’s the only way you’ll get leads in this day and age.

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