5 Ways To Make Your Visitors Hate Your Brand’s Website

Now that you have built your website, it’s time for you to take on certain tasks that make your customers really hate you and your website.

You are probably thinking why in the world would you ever want to do that, right? Well, that’s because there exists a lot of competition in the world of INTERNET.

Confused? Don’t worry. I am just kidding. Not about the “competition” bit but about the need to create a website that frustrates the visitors.

Initial impressions are extremely crucial, and what the potential customers feel about your website in the first few seconds determines whether they are going to stay on it for long or merely play a role in increasing your bounce rate.

To help you avoid mistakes that kill your brand’s online credibility, we have compiled a list of a few things that will make your potential customers hate your website.

Extremely Low Page Loading Speed

If you want your site visitors to hate your brand, you should focus on making your website load really slow. Here are things that can help you with the same.

  • Invest in shared hosting that is sluggish.
  • Upload large and more files on your site.
  • Use plugins that are not optimized.
  • Don’t update the bandwidth of your site according to the traffic you are receiving.
  • Don’t invest in a website designer in Greenville, SC.

Make Your Website All About Yourself

The uniqueness of your products/ services probably has all that it takes to increase conversions and boost sales. But wait, why would you focus on that?

Have your customers ridicule you by bragging all about your achievements and rewards on the homepage instead of talking about what exactly makes your brand STAND AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.

People don’t want solutions; as long as you look good, your website looks good, right? So what if people get irritated knowing something that does not add value in their life? That’s their problem, not yours.

Make Tall and False Claims

Doing this is no big deal. It’s as easy as pie.

Be pushy and assertive with your CTA. Lie to the visitors. Make Baseless Claims. Fool the audience into believing something that you aren’t, and bam MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. You will see your visitors seething.

Do you provide average plumbing services in your area? Tell your visitors you are the best, and it will automatically get everyone to doubt your credibility. Especially if you have a lot of clients who know this description of you is not true.

Bury Your Contact Information Deep

In this world of convenience, one thing that everyone hates is searching for crucial information that can get them in touch with concerned people of the website they are browsing. So, make sure you use this fact to bury your contact information 4 to 5 pages deep that it really exhausts the visitor.

Couple this with hiding the “cancel my membership” feature. If you have a few loyal clients that pay you on a monthly basis, this step will deeply enrage them and make them hate your brand even more.

Write Content Only For The Search Engines

The topmost way to increase conversion rates is to do certain things that enhance conversion rates.

The above sentence is just an example and purposely written to insert the keywords without any sense. But it was added in the content so that search engines would rank the site higher. The keyword “conversion rates” has 2,900 average searches per month in the United States, the headline has nothing to do with your products or services but just to rank the site in search engines.

Building an online presence is about spreading out a word about your brand and enticing more customers to like it. But who cares about providing wrong, irrelevant information to them? That doesn’t matter; what matters is the tricks you do to please the search engines.

Google will eat it up, and the visitors will be left wondering why exactly are you talking about random things that don’t make any sense. But that’s what we want, right? Confuse people so that they never return back.

Final Thoughts

These 5 tricks will help you lose website visitors in a jiffy. Adopt one of these suggestions, and you will see an exponential increase in the bounce rate. Implement all of them, and you will end up killing your brand’s online credibility in no time.

A word of advice – Please don’t do any of the above-mentioned things. In fact, avoid making these mistakes if you want to build a customer base and turn visitors into paying clients. Additionally, search the web for best pr firms in Greenville, SC, to make sure you have the guidance from the best.

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