9 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021 

Since last year, the meltdown from the pandemic has left many people locked down, working remotely and social distancing. With several others limited to their homes, there has been an increased number in internet users globally. According to the Internet World Stats, there are almost 5 billion internet users worldwide, with “How to make money online” ranking high among most searches conducted via search engines. From digital travelers to marketers and emerging entrepreneurs, there are several ways you can make good money online. Do you want to know how?  

Below are nine proven ways you can do so in 2021. 

9 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2021 


1. Take up a teaching course

Offering courses online remains one of the most effective techniques for making income. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the method has become even more effective with the growing number of individuals and students at home requiring training. If you’ve invested years into your skill, niche, and built expertise in a field, this could be an excellent time to cash in on your investment. Several individuals make at least $100 to create, upload and engage with clients on premium online teaching platforms. Udemy, Coursera, and Teachable are among several platforms you can use to convert your knowledge into an income stream. 

2. Freelance writing 

If you want to utilize your writing skills to make some money, then freelancing offers tons of potential. You can take a look at sites like Dormzi.com if you want to get started on your freelance career and still be able to study at the same time. You can either build a writing portfolio, directly reach out to websites or publications, or wait for clients to get you. In any case, how proactive you are will determine your level of success. Furthermore, building a name for yourself establishes you as an expert in a given field or subject. Need more help? Consider these tips to enhance your freelancing writing earnings. 

  • Create a website to promote your portfolio and exhibit your works. 
  • Recognize blogs or websites you might want to contribute to. Before making a pitch, ensure you research to identify the right editor, appropriate topics, and why your piece would be a solid match. 
  • Send your pitch, ensuring it focuses on your unique perspective and why it’s pertinent to the publication. 

3. Have you got an eye for freelance designing? 

You can likewise make cash as a freelance designer. To a large extent, this process is the same as freelance writing, focusing on creating a portfolio, building testimonials, and pitching your work to suitable sources, and booking gigs. Careful and thorough designs are always in demand, so don’t be reluctant in getting creative with your services. More often, it’s the detailed designs that grab the attention of valuable clients. For instance, do you want to design just infographics? Don’t be reluctant to showcase your skill for a specific niche. 

4. Become an influencer 

Do you know that building a personal brand can make you money? This year, trends have shown that influencer marketing will be in high demand as more businesses will enlist influencers on a continuous premise to build their brand loyalty and reach. This means that influencer marketing will no longer be a one-off marketing strategy. However, you’ll need to build a solid following to become an influencer. But how do you do this? Begin with more comfortable platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Evil-Mart, which have presented a viable platform for persons other than celebrities to have their first exposure. You can begin by looking into how to gain more Instagram followers if you want to build a larger audience on the app. 

5. Switch to YouTube

As indicated earlier, YouTube is an excellent platform for becoming an influencer marketer and increasing your earning potential. According to Forbes, YouTube averagely pays between $0.01and $0.03 for an ad view, which translates to between $3 and $5 per every 1k views. However, there are various ways to make money via YouTube, including AdSense, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorship. To earn directly from the content posted on the video streaming platform, you’ll have to accumulate up to $100 or more, which can be quite challenging for some people. This is an excellent reason to consider diversifying your revenue stream. 

Got a Google account? Then you can start earning with these simple guidelines:

  • Create your channel account with a few clicks 
  • Build a niche for your channel – this can be just about everything, including wood carving, animal husbandry, art, or drone flying. It’s all about you  
  • Go to your account settings and check the monetization button
  • Establish a consistent schedule to upload contents 
  • Promote yourself to acquire subscribers while working towards paid collaborations. 

6. Create an app 

This might appear a bore if you have no programming skill, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to be a developer or elite programmer to make money via mobile apps. Nowadays, advertisers are utilizing freelancing platforms to discover developers they can afford for app development. Regarding bringing in cash on your application, your smartest option will be to add it to Google Play and the App Store. Although it may appear unreasonable, having a free application can help you make more than a paid application. With free apps, you can add advertisements or premium add-ons to make cash. Free apps will draw in a higher volume of downloads, making it simpler to upsell them.

7. Buy and trade in commodities

Commodities refer to raw materials and products such as gold, silver, copper, and other products like grains, corn, and soybean. Despite its lucrativeness, making money online in trading commodities has proven difficult. Many people have lost their funds since there’s no ideal time to enter or exit the market. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how economics affects stocks and finding the appropriate platform to trade. Yet commodity trading with Pepperstone has been proven a game-changer due to the wide range of stock options, trading charts to help you analyse and develop a successful strategy. 

You earn money by buying commodities and sell afterward at a higher price. This means the purchaser of a prospecting contract earns cash if the future market cost of an item surpasses the item’s market price at the time of purchase. You can efficiently perform these using your PC or smartphone. 

8. Dropshipping is still making waves

Drop shipping is possibly the most popular approach to making cash on the internet. Due to its popularity, the market has become saturated with competition, although Google trends have indicated continuous growing popularity. With a 2020 report of how a 23-year old broke the market to make substantially selling products, there are several proofs of drop shipping success. The business model is pretty simple; you sell an item to a customer; however, it’s the supplier’s responsibility to store, box, and ship the items on your behalf. 

9. Work as a translator

Not everyone has so much time to spend on big projects or jobs. However, we could all use an extra income while honing our skills. Showcasing your transcribing skills is an incredible alternative. You can offer to transcribe interviews or make summaries from online events and webinars. With a large part of the world currently remote working, there’s an excellent opportunity to improve individual lives and make cash translating. 

With rapid technological changes in the present digital climate, making money online hasn’t been this more comfortable than ever. Regardless of your skill and education, there are several new opportunities you can explore to make money while at home, perhaps more than your 9 to 5 job. Fortunately, the above tips are proven and useful if you want to make additional income.

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