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Online scams became a frequent method of scams. Scammers are using young people that don’t know how to protect themselves properly or, even worse, old people that are vulnerable in the virtual world.

Since Covid-19 started, these scams are even more expanded. Global pandemic gave scammers new ideas on how to extort money. Using people’s needs, desperation, and playing on the card of securing financial future. 

According to the research done in the US last year, half of the people that lost their job due to Covid are still unemployed. This shows how desperate the world is, and how easy is to manipulate it.

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Scammers are using different methods and different ways to scam their victims. Sometimes, the scam is conducted to collect personal data, and, sometimes, the goal is the money.

Luckily, some companies are helping people in these situations. One of the companies is Action Refund. To find out who this company is and what is its field of expertise, read our Action Refund review. 

Action Refund review: Company Bio & Actions

Action Refund is a company based in Israel. The goal of this company is to get back the money lost due to online scams. 

Online scams vary from phishing emails and fake websites to investment scams. And, in most cases, the goal is to take the money from the victim. 

There are many things a person can do to protect themselves from scams–make sure to check email sender, website security, payment provider, broker, etc. But scammers became smarter. Now, they take care of every detail, ensuring to convince the victim to fall for their story. They will create secure websites, make deals with legit payment providers such as PayPal, or hack Facebook or email accounts from people you know personally–everything to get to your money.

If an accident occurs, and you become a victim, this is the time to contact Action Refund.

The company presents itself as an expert for financial market scams. Basically, most of their clients are people that lost money via binary options, Forex trading, CFDs, or crypto trading. 

After the person is involved with a scam broker, they can contact Action Refund and get help with the chargeback procedure. The company will guide the process from the beginning until resolving the dispute and retrieving the lost money. In our Action Refund review, we tried to understand how exactly is this procedure going and what is necessary to start the process with Action Refund. 

Action Refund: Steps to get your money back

Once you understand that you cannot get your funds back or make a withdrawal from the scam broker, logically, you will start looking for another solution. One of the solutions that we can present is the Action Refund company. 

Here is how it works:

a) Case review – after you contact Action Refund, the company will schedule a FREE consultation with you. This fact is very important since the company shows a high level of understanding for the people that already lost the money–they are not willing to pay again for something they don’t understand and they know nothing about. 

In this consultation, Action Refund employees will tell you what are the chances to successfully resolve the dispute and what are the steps to get your money back. If both sides agree, the next phase can start.

b) Collecting the evidence – once you decide to work together, Action Refund employees will help you collect all the necessary evidence to back up your case. You need to provide them everything you have about the scam broker–bank statements, emails, phone numbers, names, etc. The company will help you find the rest of the evidence, such as broker’s location, owner, bank, etc., too. This is made possible because they hired experts that can track the money through several countries, until they discover where your funds are.

c) Representing – after all the evidence is collected, you need to present them to the scam broker, payment merchant, and your bank. The company offers lawyer services, which may represent you. This upgrades your chances to resolve the dispute successfully. 

If you have a lawyer that has done representing in similar cases over 50 times, you feel safer as your case is better presented. After all, this representation will depend if you get your money back or not. So, better leave this job to experts.

d) Claim your money back – if the case is presented well, only one thing is left–to claim your money back. Action Refund employees are staying with you until the job is done and the money is in your bank account. This is the beauty of their assistance, you are never alone and someone will always guide you in the right direction. 

Action Refund: Why you need them?

Action Refund is taking care of anyone who was a victim of an online scam. As mentioned previously, the expertise of this company is financial scams. So, if you found yourself involved with a scam broker, you can contact Action Refund. Now, you will ask why to contact them if you can contact your bank or try to solve everything yourself. And yes, you are right. That is also an option. But, let’s go into some statistics. 

How many people actually get a refund from their bank? The answer is less than 7%. Why? Because every merchant has a certain percentage of chargebacks allowed. Therefore, they are fighting hard against the bank’s requests. And your bank clerk, as funny as it may sound, is not paid to fight hard for you. His or her job is to try to help, without an obligation to succeed, and without a penalty, if he/she doesn’t succeed. They will try to help, but are they really going to put in some effort? Most likely not. The first time the merchant wins the argument exchange, your bank will give up. This is why you need Action Refund. Their job is not to give up until the case is successfully resolved.

If, however, you decide to get the money back yourself, the chances for success are even less. You cannot track down the broker because they are constantly changing websites, bank accounts, headquarters, and call centers are all around the world. You need someone with experience and power to track them all down. And again, this is why you need Action Refund. 

Action Refund: Reviews and Reputation

After you have been involved in the scam and lost the money, you need to check everything, and this is completely understandable. We checked Action Refund reviews for you. We checked their employees and clients. Also, we checked if they can really deliver such stellar results. And the answer is – YES!

Action Refund is a company with an amazing reputation and even more amazing employees. Every one of them is carefully reviewed and chosen after thorough research. They are also well connected with foreign banking systems, foreign law departments, etc. This is why you need Action Refund.

Every single client that we were able to track told us that Action Refund did an amazing job. Even some people that were turned down by Action Refund due to the lack of evidence and low chances to succeed told us they appreciate the honesty. They say that Action Refund doesn’t care only about the money, but they care about people, too. 

We also saw some bad Action Refund reviews, but none of these reviews were signed under the real name, so we were unable to track down people that are not satisfied. This makes us think that this type of review can be written by the Action Refund competition because there is no other reason to hide your name. 

Everything that we were able to prove is that Action Refund does its job as it is supposed to be done, and they do it very transparently. They answered all our questions and were happy to give us and our readers all the information necessary. After a bad experience with scam brokers, every person deserves transparency and legitimacy. 

Action Refund: Conclusion

If you are in the online world, and you for sure are, make sure to protect your details, including your personal details, family details, banking details. Always check websites you are visiting, email or SMS senders, payment merchants, online brokers. Read reviews, check if your details are encrypted when entering them, put passwords that are hard to guess.

If, despite all these precautions, you are still scammed, look for the help of an expert. As we discussed, you or your bank have fewer chances of success than a company specialized in chargebacks. Lack of knowledge, will, or resources can cost you your money. Do not try to do everything yourself. Trust people with years of experience. They have over 100,000$ retrieved in 2020 and over 1000 satisfied customers. 

Give yourself a chance to get your money back fast, without headache, and without stress. Because the support of Action Refund will make sure that you get all the updates, all the answers, and all the information. You can hand them over your case and sleep peacefully, knowing that they will give their best to get your money back from scam brokers.

If you still hesitate, we advise you to schedule your FREE consultations today. The worst thing you can lose is 1h of your time. The best thing that can happen is that you will file a dispute and come a step closer to your money. Good luck!

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