Beautify and Stylize Your Retail Outlets with SlatWall Panels

Beautify and Stylize Your Retail Outlets with SlatWall Panels

Slatwall panel is mainly utilized in the retail industry as wall coverings and for product displays. They are typically made out of MDF with slots to accommodate multiple accessories. These panels are often painted, laminated or digitally printed in array of substrates giving catchy look to the retail space. They are generally characterized by horizontal grooves that are called slats. These slats come in different forms varying from wall panels to freestanding fixtures. These are easy to assemble with feature to instantly remodel, giving instant change in look to the space. It is getting quite popular due to features like:

  • Durability: They have excellent life and are difficult to be damaged. With this, they can hold heavier merchandise which can be easily inserted into their heavy duty metal rails.
  • Affordable: Being quite versatile they are quite pocket friendly.
  • Customized Looks: Ranging between types of finishes, shapes, sizes, and different types of attachments. These panels and be used to create a unique display for any retail outlet.
  • Versatile: They can be customized as per the requirement with minimal usage of technical help. These slatwall panel can be used to display anything ranging from clothes, to electronics brochures to even candy.
  • User-Friendly: Does not need any tools to design a display. They are easy to be assembled and fixed.

Beautify and Stylize Your Retail Outlets with SlatWall Panels

How to choose a slatwall panel:

  • Material:

    Made out of MDF, they are quite impressive and hold a good strength to weight ratio. Many are also made out of MMDF hybrid board of materials like PVC. The choice depends on your requirement.

  • Finishes:

    Provide a selection of finishes and laminates to decorate the area, the store’s personality and the budget. Most popularly used are paint grade, melamine, red wood veneer, high pressure laminates etc.

  • Groove spacing:

    Grooving is the most essential because the size of the groove decides the strength.

These units are found in two different forms i.e. free standing or wall panels fixtures. Choosing the type of fixture depends on the store’s unique need and the space it holds.

  • The wall panels may be a little more labor intensive to install, but they free up the floor space and give ease of browsing the displays. These are available in variety of sizes with single unit or multiple configurations. The advantage is that they can be easily installed even in corners of the retail outlet saving its space and are permanent fixtures.
  • The free standing panels vary from full-size gondolas to sleek and petite looking countertop spinners. They come in huge assortment of styles and sizes. These kinds are more flexible, creative and can be placed anywhere – beside queue lines, near the aisles, in the middle of the sales floor, and can even be nestled into the tight corners.

Beautify and Stylize Your Retail Outlets with SlatWall Panels


  • Gondola

    Popularly known as the H unit. They provide excellent display space and work well for bigger merchandise display. They are highly recommended for accessories as the design include shelves, hang rails, face outs.

  • Cube

    These are multi directional panel with a spinning base. They can excellently display smaller products.

  • Pinwheel

    Is one of the most compact and functional slatwall. It is designed in such a manner that while offering a rotating feature, it also protects the merchandise from slipping off the rails. It works well for stores with limited space.

  • Tower

    Commonly known as an I-unit. This is an excellent space saver for many outlets. With just two display sides, this unit offers maximum presence and visibility.

These panels are great display fixtures for any type of retail outlets and can easily be customized with the use of accessories like hang-rails, peg hooks, frame hooks, straight face in order to maximize the display of merchandise.

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