Bespoke Process Management Apps Yield Better Results

Today’s Specialised Businesses Reap Rewards from Specialised Solutions

Creating a process management app designed specifically for your business brings a host of rewards in the mobile first world.

In the mobile age, apps are becoming as important as any other type of software. After all, it is not just in our domestic lives that we rely on our mobiles. Smartphones and tablets are becoming the tools of choice across all industries, with more than 80 percent of workers using one or more mobile devices in the course of their work.

Research showed that in 2017, a third of office software was cloud based. This is a number that is certain to have risen this year, and as a result, a world is emerging in which employees are conducting more and more business activities in the cloud from their mobile devices.

Inevitably, the apps they use in order to do so have a fundamental impact on their productivity, efficiency and ultimately, success. As a result, it is little surprise that Essex-based Objective Computing’s business app developers are seeing an explosion in demand for bespoke process management apps among their clients. On the face of it, an off the shelf alternative might sound like a solution that is quick and easy. So what benefits does going bespoke bring?

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Fitting the app to the business

A tailored solution means the app can be designed to fit your business processes. With an off the shelf tool, businesses often find themselves having to modify working practices to fit the app. This results in minimal business disruption and optimised efficiency and process flow. It can even automate certain functions that were previously manual and time-consuming.

Bringing competitive edge

It’s a competitive world out there, and if your main business rivals are using the same off-the-shelf software solutions, the chances are high that they are neither more nor less efficient in delivering products and services to clients. Having your own software gives you the chance to push the envelope, implement new ways of doing things and deliver a better, quicker or cheaper service.

Getting what you need

When an app is designed to meet the needs of as many businesses as possible, it will inevitably have functionality that will be redundant in certain cases. This means you are paying for something you are not going to use, and implementing a process management system that is unnecessarily unwieldly and over-complex. With a bespoke app, you get exactly what you need.

Staying in control

Businesses do not stand still. While off the shelf apps are frequently updated, there is typically little you can do to steer the direction these updates will take. But with a bespoke process management app, any change requests will be made by your business and delivered for your business, and nobody else.

A valuable asset

If you develop your own app, it will be yours and nobody else’s. There is more to this than giving you a fuzzy warm feeling. It will be a valuable asset on your company’s register – in other words, your app could add value to the business in more ways than you initially thought.

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