Kellog’s to Open Cereal Restaurant in New York

Yes, you heard that right. Kellog’s is going to launch a restaurant that exclusively serves their cereal brands and change the way you look at cereals forever. The Kellog’s restaurant promises to reinvent the cereal image and shed its ‘breakfast-only’ stereotype. Kellogg’s SVP of marketing and innovation Noel Geoffroy said that a third of cereal consumption actually happens outside of breakfast. This changing pattern shows how cereal has become a flexible food item capable of meeting people’s meal needs, he said.

The restaurant also offers a unique twist with its cereal dishes. For fans of Kellog’s Fruit Loops, the restaurant has “Life in Color” which includes a bowl of Froot Loops and add-ons of lime zest, marshmallows, fruit jam, and milk as its base. You are also given the option replace milk with ice cream if you are that kind of guy.

The cereal cafe is located in the heart of Times Square in New York City and is set to open on July 1.

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