Here’s What to Do if You’re Injured at Work

Having an accident at your workplace can put you in a precarious position, especially if you are considering taking action against your employer to win compensation. Naturally, you should be entitled to restitution if your employer was at fault, but you also obviously do not want to risk your job nor your reputation as an employee. Fortunately, if you follow the necessary protocols, it is unlikely your employer will be able to penalise you for complaining, without being liable for serious damages. These are thus the steps you need to follow if you injure yourself at work.

Here’s What to Do if You’re Injured at Work

Attend to Your Injury

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident while at work, the number one priority should be focusing on your injury. Request the application of first-aid from a trained colleague as soon as the incident occurs, and notify any medical authorities if your first-aid specialist deems it necessary. It’s important to be as cautious as possible when assessing your injuries, as even minor-seeming injuries can develop into serious conditions if not attended to properly. You should thus consult a trained medical practitioner in person or by phone prior to doing anything else. If in doubt, stay still, and alert your colleagues to your position from there. If you do end up attending a hospital, make sure you are accompanied by a reliable colleague.

Notify Your Colleagues

If you were alone when the workplace injury took place, the next thing you should do is notify as many colleagues as possible of the details of the event. You should also formally record the injury using the procedures your company has in place. First and foremost, this will prevent other employees from experiencing the same injury as you. Secondly, this is important if you need to make a personal injury claim later on. In extreme cases, employers may pressure workers into denying the occurrence of the accident, so making sure there is evidence of the event happening at the time will make it difficult for them to potentially do so. Ideally, you should also record any video or photo evidence of the accident that you can, to strengthen your case.

Submit a Formal Letter of Complaint

If you have decided that your accident was the fault of your employer, you can then send them a formal grievance letter, or letter of complaint. If you are unsure whether you have a legal case, you can always find a workers comp specialist for impartial guidance, beforehand. If you can prove that your accident was the result of irresponsible management, or you can show that the work environment was dangerous at the time, it is likely they will agree to settle with you. Your argument will be even stronger if you can produce evidence that the accident directly resulted in medical bills or other incurred costs. If you can provide this proof, and your employer is still ignoring or rejecting your complaint, it may be time to contact a specialist employment solicitor.

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