New Horizons Reached with Augmented Reality and Star Wars

LMxLAB, a R&D division for Disney and Lucasfilm, debuted a new augmented reality installation earlier this year. Known as the Holo-Cinemaat, it was unveiled at the New Frontiers program for the Sundance Film Festival. To help immerse users in cinematic worlds, it makes use of lightweight 3D glasses, motion-tracking cameras, and two screen walks among others.

Jakku, the desert world from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, become explorable for users at the Sundance exhibition. The users immersed themselves in pre-recorded scenes. Such an experience is indicative of what this technology has in store for viewers and filmmakers. The development of this project highlights a major milestone in filmmaking history by providing directors with a new way to determine how to film particular scenes.


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