Helpshift to Automate Customer Support with Chatbots

Game companies like Zynga and Supercell have to attend to the needs of millions of customers, most of whom have a lot of questions regarding their features and services. This is where Helpshift comes into the picture. By providing the companies with easily customizable and searchable FAQs, customer support staff can quickly look up answers and provide them to customers in no time.

Now the San Francisco-based company plans to take things further by developing chatbots.

Chatbots are pre-programmed AI that can talk and chat just like your ordinary customer support staff but only better. Chatbots are automated and can respond almost instantaneously while serving multiple customers at once. The technology is also improving with many chatbots now able to imitate human speech and learn from it.

Helpshift currently has a small presence in the chatbot market but are expanding their efforts by investing more on machine learning. The company has recently raised $23 million in a venture funding round and plans to use the money to fuel their development efforts.

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