Instagram Brings Zoom Option for Photos and Videos

Using their official Twitter account, the world’s most popular photo and video sharing app recently announced that their iOS users can now zoom in on the visual posts.

Instagram said that their new feature will soon be available for everyone in the next few weeks of this year. The zoom in feature will work on the user’s feed and on people’s profile and explore tabs.

The new pinch to zoom feature was developed due to the number of requests that Instagram received from their users. To formally introduce the new feature to their users, Instagram initially posted a video showing how the new feature works. What actually happens as you pinch a photo is that a lightbox effect would appear and come out from the original frame.

Users who have used the new feature said that it is a useful way to check small details, but some are not very satisfied with it. Zoomed images were reportedly blurred when zoomed too far as Instagram’s image capacity limit remains at 1080 pixels wide.

Instagram is quick in developing new features for their users to enjoy. Last month, the app launched its Snapchat-inspired feature called ‘Instagram Stories’.


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