Need inspiration for 3D printing? We got you!

3D printing is nowadays a popular way to manufacture a product. Obviously 3D printing is not really a technique, instead it consists out of many different techniques. It depends on the 3D printer which 3D printing process you will use. However, if you hire a 3D printing service UK you can essentially use all of the different methods. This essentially makes it a much better option than buying a 3D printer yourself, while it is also cheaper. Custom 3D printing Canada is thus a very good option, for example if you want to produce these cool items.

Need inspiration for 3D printing? We got you!

LED lamp

Antonio Garcia is the creator of a handy portable LED lamp that you could 3D print by downloading the files on Thingiverse. Doing this will be much cheaper than actually going out to buy one. The lamp is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium battery, while it can also change color by pressing a button.

Anti gravity planter

On the site Cults you can find a rather simple tensegrity planter which makes it look like it is hovering in mid-air. It is developed by the talented Camillo Addis. It is good to know that the planter does not have a drainage hole, so add a layer of gravel first.

Door opener

Avoiding touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, handles, et cetera is a good way to avoid getting contaminated with the coronavirus. This door opener can be used to exactly that. Ghost Design has created it and you can download the files on Cults.

Small storage box

A small storage box can be useful for a number of reasons. You might even want to print it just because it looks cool, after all this one is inspired by Death Stranding. You could even stack it, which creator gumo_design has made possible. Find the files on Thingiverse.

Oreo box

A box for an Oreo that looks like an Oreo. Sign us up! Gianluca Rolle has developed this masterpiece which looks rather realistic. The Oreo box does not only look good, it is very useful too. You can print it by downloading the files on MyMiniFactory.

Bottle opener gun

Everyone has a bottle opener, but do you have a bottle opener gun? I guess not, huh? By downloading the files created by 3Deddy on Thingiverse you can 3D print your own bottle opener gun. Open a bottle and shoot the cap across the room at the same time!

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