Netflix Unveils New Icon

If you are a movie geek, then you probably aren’t new to Netflix, which is now one of the world’s leading films and television series providers. As more and more users subscribe to Netflix, it is to be expected that the company would come up with new tricks to enhance their service.

Recently, Netflix updated their icon on social media. Some users were surprised by the change, but according to the statement issued by the company, they are not discarding their old icon. They will continue to use the old icon, but they will incorporate the new one which is a bold letter ‘N’. The new logo will be visible in their apps and in their upcoming products. On the other hand, the old logo, which is ‘Netflix’ spelled out, will remain on their official website.

Netflix new social icon
Netflix new social icon

Netflix’s latest move sparked a number of discussions among its users. Some argued that the company should consider re-branding seriously. Other users also think that the company’s name itself should be replaced since they are serving beyond what used to be considered as flicks.

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