How to Change Careers in Later Life 

Have you ever thought about moving to a career in business or developing new tools to progress in the industry you are in? Inspiration for many people develops from learning new skills, as well as the passion for reaching their full potential. This endeavor keeps life interesting and engaging, thus engendering anyone to feel fulfilled. Many people change careers over the course of their life. As industries and new technologies develop, people also need to equip themselves with new skills.

This article will look at how to facilitate a career change in later life while highlighting specific options available for those wanting to pursue a career in business. 

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A rewarding decision

Making a career change can be one of the most unsettling periods in a person’s life. However, there are so many options available, which make these decisions more exciting than daunting. A career pivot can cause undeniable friction and disruption that would be avoidable by staying on a linear path. However, the toughest decisions are often the most rewarding. With the right guidance and planning, you can make very successful changes to your career path. 

How to facilitate a career change 

What does it take to reinvent yourself successfully? How do you make a leap of faith in a career setting? Hundreds of people navigate career changes throughout their lives; no matter what age, industry, or role a person is pursuing, there are a few concrete pieces of advice that apply to anyone making these types of decisions. Firstly, be prepared that changing career is not a simple task, and shortcuts do not exist. More often than not, it takes hard work, dedication, and time. If you are looking for shortcuts, it is worth analyzing why you want to change your career in the first place. Self-reflection, emotional and intellectual labor is paramount in these types of decisions. Give yourself time, and be prepared to stick to your goal.

Secondly, make a commitment to a steady progression and development. When learning new skills, you must give yourself time to develop and grow. The most successful business person does not wake up with all the necessary skills to succeed. Sometimes, redefining your career path takes years of learning new tools. It is also likely that you will come across obstacles, but a clear goal and commitment to progression will help get you to the end product. At the same time, it is ok not to have everything planned out. Sometimes imperfect decisions get you to your ultimate goal. Career transitions consist of taking a leap of faith; oftentimes, giving up continuity and regular schedules for unsettling periods of the unknown, for example. However, without making these leaps of faith, new doors are unlikely to open. 

Finally, remember that everyone’s journey is unique. Whatever the goal you are pursuing, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Hone your craft, and redefine the skills unique to you and what you want out of a career. There are a number of common success patterns. However, those that gain the most out of a career change make decisions based on their unique drive and passion. With a refined resume that captures your interests, skills, and creativity, you will be able to shift into a large number of careers. 

Understand that data is crucial for any industry and your career 

Data is everywhere in business and often defines many financial, political, and social decisions that are made today. However, without knowing how to manipulate and analyze it, many companies will be at a loss. Therefore, understanding data is crucial in the world today if you want to change careers successfully. As the last year has shown us, data management and statistical models have enabled world leaders, health professionals, and business industries to get a handle on the pandemic. Without these skills in applied statistics, this decision-making would have been very difficult. If you want to make these types of decisions or have the critical know-how to apply the right tools in crisis situations, it is worth pursuing a career in applied statistics and re-educating yourself to gain new and exciting skills.

Are you also looking to improve efficiency and organizational skills? Data analysis will allow you to apply the long-term strategies to any business model to enhance its efficiency. There are a number of courses for those wanting to refine these skills and make that pivot in their business career. Click here to learn more about further education in business industries that allow you to improve organization efficiency. By earning a degree in applied statistics, you will have many opportunities on your doorstep, making your career change a success. 

Going back into education 

Leaving a career to go back into education does not always seem the most logical and practical path. You may feel you are too old to go back to university. However, there are so many options for mature students and post-grads. You have to be prepared to invest time and patience in learning a new skill. Respect your intuition and explore what options are available to you. If you are hoping to develop new skills to progress in business, there are many degrees available to honing this craft. However, as mentioned above, data and analytics are extremely useful in business processes because they help reduce wasted time and money, so this could be a great option. Knowing about statistics in particular business fields is also more crucial now than ever. Going back into education to harness new skills, such as analyzing and managing data to help the efficacy of any business model, could make the difference between you securing a job over a competitor. 

Take the Leap

Taking the leap into a career change is undoubtedly daunting. However, the decision to change career can be one of the most meaningful and fulfilling life choices. Plan, pursue and take time over the decision while always trusting your intuition. Look to learning new skills and returning to education. Our lives are too short to stop learning — there is no right age to go to university  —  so don’t let anything hold you back.

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