PR Tools for Startups

The most important thing for startups is to acquire more customers and land press coverage. These new tools listed below will help you market your products and services to customers and gain media coverage, without breaking the bank.

For startup companies, having good PR from the media can be challenging. Below is a list of PR tools that will help you gain meaningful press coverage and attention from the market:

  • gives you access to a directory of multiple media outlets. In your PR campaign, you need to learn to pitch and promote your company to the appropriate media personnel. That’s why, Submit.Co is a helpful resource to get media exposure.
  • Internet startup companies can promote their company in Betalist for free. This platform has strict regulations, though. Betalist only posts new companies in the pre- launch stage, that means, your company should not be “live” or launched yet. Furthermore, your company must also fall in the “Internet” or online category. The benefit of being listed in the Betalist is its large number of members who can promote, spread the word, and tweet about your company and its products and service across their networks. For those who wants to know about startup companies that are about to launch; the Betalist is a great website to visit. You can check out their website by clicking on this link: Betalist.
  • Product.Co is a startup website that lists new mobile apps and updates about companies. It’s a good place to promote your company.
  • The Anewstip is also a new and useful site to send your PRs and pitches to journalists and media executives. It is a paid subscription though.
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