Building a Brand on a Budget

Your brand is arguably one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s not just a logo and a name, it’s also your company culture and how you approach customer server. For instance, some brands are known for their excellent customer service despite the premiums you pay for their items, and other brands are known for having terrible customer service as a side effect of offering you a bargain.

There are many services you can hire that will give you an excellent start with your branding, but only if you’re willing to pay a large sum of money. So instead of recommending you a turnkey solution, here are a couple of ways to build your brand while sticking to a tight budget.

3 Practical Ways To Build Your Brand

Pick a logo and name wisely

Assuming you’ve already started a business there’s not much you can do to change your name, but if you haven’t started yet then now is a good time to have a serious think about your name. Your name will be all over the place; it’ll be on signs, advertisements, social media and even your products, so don’t settle for an “okay” name, only settle for a name that resonates with you.

As for the logo, you have a little more freedom because there is the possibility of changing it in the future. You can find a high quality, cheap logo design company to take care of most of your logo needs assuming you have a general idea of what you’d like to achieve. It’s much cheaper than paying for an in-house designer and you’ll get a lot of customisation. Be warned, though; if you don’t like the final design you’re given you will still need to pay for their time and work, so make sure you look through the agreements before you purchase their services.

Building a website

In the past, you had to pay a considerable amount of money just to build and host a website. Freelancers were expensive, outsourced services were even more expensive, and building your own just wasn’t feasible. However, building a website now doesn’t need to be such as costly investment. With services like Squarespace, you’ll get to build a website with relative ease and it doesn’t need to be expensive either.

With so many easy-to-use editing tools on the internet, you can build a fantastic website with relative ease and get it hosted for a low price. Most web tools also automatically scale your website to fit on devices of different sizes, a big boost to the overall cost effectiveness.

Engage with customers

One of the best ways to build up a presence for your brand is to interact with customers. Stay in touch as you deal with their orders and don’t be afraid to interact with them on social media. The more presence you have in public, the more likely people will look at your business and use your services.

Remember to respond to any queries you get, answer as many emails as possible, and get your name out there so that your business spreads via word of mouth.

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