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There is nothing like the satisfying feeling of quitting your job to start your own company. However building a successful company can take a lot of time. But how you start will define how successful your business will be. It’s about starting with a plan that outlines the objectives of your business, and that defines your strengths against the ones of your competitors. But the idea to build a business strategy plan seems wrongly to apply only to high-tech digital companies rather than more traditional businesses. As a result, more and more freelancers feel that there is no market available for traditional services, such as wording. Don’t be fooled! There is still a high demand for word services.

Transcriptions: I Hear You

A transcription is the art of putting in writing form something that doesn’t exist in a written format. More often than not a transcription starts with an audio or audio-video file. The content of this file is written down for the benefits of an audience of professionals or individuals. In the professional field, the medical transcription is a much-desired skill that facilitates the generation of notes and enables specialists to keep track of their studies and documents. Similar services are also available for legal cases where lawyers and solicitors need accurate notes for their cases. The business of transcription can also take you to the audio transcription of a film for future translation.

Translations: I Understand You

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If you are fluent in more than one languages, you may be interested in offering your services as a translator. While there is not always a need for a certified degree, you will need to find a way of showing evidence of your skills. Consequently, an official exam can be helpful. Commercial languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic are valuable because they are less represented than North-American and European languages.

Copywriter: I Tell You

A copywriter is a writer that is hired to create content for the communication purposes of a company, whether it is a website, a flyer, a newsletter, or even a regular blog. More often than not, you will be able to find a variety of copywriting jobs that are opened to remote freelancers. However, you will need to be used to the process of content generation. The best way is to run your own blog and to use it as a portfolio until you have more clients.

Proofreader: I Correct You

A proofreader is an individual who reads and corrects texts. Generally, you can find a proofreader and an editor – the individual who edits texts – in the same person, even though those skills are different. Proofreaders can be employed on a variety of contracts, from working with publishing houses and correcting the manuscripts of their authors to ensuring that a technical manual is grammatically correct. However, it is a role for which you will need to show a certification, which can be easily obtained by following a course online or at a university. The certification is not mandatory, but it will help you to get contracts with big companies.

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