Essential Tips For Managing Your Payroll More Effectively

Many people might think that managing your payroll is a simple task. However, for many companies, this isn’t always the case. At times, payroll systems can be a bit problematic.

There’s always a tendency that you’re going to mess up your employee’s salary, which can be quite a hassle for both the employer and the employee. Also, without an efficient payroll, there’s also the tendency of giving employees their salaries after the payday, which can lessen their morale and affect their performance in your company.

That’s why, as your business grows, it’s important that your payroll system grows with it – by becoming more effective. Here are some essential tips for managing your payroll more effectively.

  1. Get The Right Payroll Software For You
  2. Because of the advances in technology, managing payroll is a lot faster with payroll software. Especially if you have no idea how to manage payroll, payroll software will be very useful for you. The catch, however, is that you need to get the right one for your business.

    There are many types of payroll software that’ll cater to your needs. For example, there’s a type of payroll software that’ll automatically compute tax deductions, which can sometimes become bothersome. There’s also a payroll software that’ll provide invoices to your employees according to the time they worked.

    Getting a payroll software will also automate your payroll processes. With automation, your business becomes more efficient since it’s less susceptible to calculation errors. So, to be more efficient, you need to get the right payroll software according to your needs. This can be done by weighing the different features of each payroll software to fit your business’ needs.

  3. Go Paperless With Your Payroll
  4. Rather than having one person hand out payslips every payday, you can streamline the release of payroll if you go paperless.

    With technology today, you can already send payslips to your employees online. Thus, you don’t need to accomplish payslips manually and physically anymore. At the same time, you’re also able to cut on costs by going paperless.

    With an online portal system, employees can look up and keep track of their pay anytime. Employees will be able to see the computations of their pay and the time they worked.

    On the other hand, as the employer, you can also see how much you’re paying your employees in real-time. You’ll also get a snapshot of how many hours your employees spend working in your company.

    In summary, once you go paperless, it’ll be a plus for both the employer and employee.

  5. Make Your Staff Undergo Payroll Training
  6. As mentioned, managing payroll is not as simple as it looks. Because of new technology and new policies, it’s important that you’re able to hone your Human Resources team on payroll training. In those training sessions, your staff can learn about improving your company’s payroll processes.

    In addition to this, your staff will be kept up-to-speed on changes in tax and employment laws. It’s essential that you know the new policies to avoid additional charges or making mistakes. Once a mistake is made on documents, you’ll just waste time on the back-and-forth with the government. Thus, undergoing payroll training will help you become more efficient.

  7. Streamline Payment Schedules
  8. There are times when different types of employees have different pay schedules. For example, managers and contractual employees might be paid at different times of the month. If this is the case, your payroll systems become less efficient.

    To be more efficient in payroll management, it’s important to get all your employees on the same pay schedule to avoid mix-ups. This will simplify your processes and lessen the time you need to take to process payroll systems, which will make you more efficient.

  9. Try Outsourcing Payroll Services
  10. If handling your own payroll system is not working for you, you can also try outsourcing your payroll systems. When you try outsourcing payroll services, you’ll be complacent with leaving your payroll to professionals. Thus, you’ll get to manage your payroll more efficiently.

    Since they have the expertise, you’ll be able to leave deadlines and tax deductions to them. If you have a business that’s growing, you’ll need important tasks, such as payroll, to take less time and effort.

    Outsourced payroll providers can even help you with your accounting and your cash flows as well.


Even though every kind of company or business is very different from each other, one thing’s for sure: every business needs an effective payroll system.

Given the tips above, you’ll be able to find a way to manage your payroll more effectively. With an efficient management of payroll systems, you can redirect your focus to more pertinent things about your business.

Mike Zaveri is an HR practitioner with decades of experience in the industry. Mike started his career by working with several companies in establishing and managing their HR practices and eventually focused on providing consultancy services. Aside from helping businesses with their HR-related dilemmas, Mike also writes HR articles online.