Fab Glass and Mirror Made it to Entrepreneur 360 Survey

Owned by Entrepreneur Media Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine is a globally-recognized medium for delivering the latest news and updates related to the business world of today and tomorrow. Entrepreneur 360 annually conducts a 360-degree business analysis of privately-held companies to identify, recognize, and applaud the journey and success of aspiring entrepreneurs. Formulated in 1977, Entrepreneur Magazine began publishing the annual entrepreneurial list in 2015. In the past 4 years, their valued evaluation and globally-recognized accreditation have helped entrepreneurs catapult their businesses to remarkable new highs.

What is the Entrepreneur 360 survey?

The Entrepreneur 360 Survey indexes the business growth and success based on 5 metrics encompassing 50+ data points. Entrepreneurs and businesses are evaluated based on Revenues and Customers, Management Efficiency, Innovation, Financial Evaluation, and Business Valuation. The survey not only recognizes the financial success but also accredits the innovative forward-thinking approaches of aspiring businesses.

Why should we be a part of the Entrepreneur 360 survey?

Being a part of the Entrepreneur 360 survey speaks volumes about the growth, credibility, and success of privately-held companies. As a globally-recognized business performance index, the survey helps businesses expand their brand and acquire globalized recognition. It serves as an opportunity for businesses to cement their name and play an essential role in augmenting the credibility of businesses. The survey encourages entrepreneurs with the right vision and solid ambition to take a step forward and change the world.

How to get listed in the 360 lists of entrepreneurs?

Privately-held US-based businesses can enroll themselves into the 360 List of Entrepreneurs through an online application. Becoming an Entrepreneur 360TM company is a praiseworthy achievement for privately-held businesses in the quest of market supremacy and global business leadership. The platform recognizes and applauds innovative forward-thinking businesses that aim to shape the entrepreneurial world of today and tomorrow for the better. A robust approach to innovation and efficient business management skills plays an integral role in helping businesses progressively climb the list. Entrepreneur 360TM all-round analytical evaluation technique helps recognize businesses that stand out from the herds of one-dimensional businesses.

How does it help to grow a business?

Being a part of the annual Entrepreneur 360TM list speaks volumes about the growth and success of privately-held businesses. The induction is a great honor and award of appreciation for businesses whose customer-centric approaches are shaping the business world for the better. A mere inclusion catapults the growth of a business and helps them achieve unprecedented levels of globalized brand recognition and exposure. Businesses based on the values of honesty, trust, and loyalty find it easy to climb the list and their positive approach to innovation never gets unnoticed.

The 5-metric based all-around evaluation technique of the Entrepreneur 360 Survey encourages businesses to adopt an innovative approach towards art and science of building a brand and business. Entrepreneurs and businesses are encouraged to adopt contemporary means of exceeding customers’ expectations with the use of state-of-the-art technology and incredible innovations.

Fab Glass and Mirrors – Road to Success

Fab Glass and Mirror is a Hilliard, OH-Based Company which focuses on the distribution and manufacture of contemporary mirror and glass products. They have acquired a wide deal of acclamation and recognition for their innovative approaches to customer service. The company is globally recognized as one of the rapidly-growing firms in America with numerous inductions in business performance scale indexes and lists. Their strong commitment to customer service, on-time delivery, and innovative approach to the art of glass manufacturing makes them stand out from the rest.

Fab Glass and Mirror offer customers an unparalleled online user experience geared to simplify the art of customizing and ordering mirrors and glass products. Ranked #336 in the 2019 Entrepreneur 360TM List, the company debuted the list at the position of #191 in the year 2018. Besides this, the company has also won the prestigious Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held companies successively in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Fab Glass and Mirror takes immense pride in being a part of the Entrepreneur 360 Survey and continues to work on developing mirror and glass products that exceed the expectations of customers. Valuing the 100% satisfaction and happiness of customers, the company’s services are always geared towards the users.

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