Google Ads or SEO? Which is Best for New Businesses?

So you finally started a new business, and you are looking to get your name out there another way aside from the average word of mouth. Well, congratulations on this new venture. You came to the right place.

When it comes to online advertising, two main options will come to mind. For starters, we have the good old Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and on the other hand, we have Google Ads. Then comes the big question: Which one is worth the bang for my buck?

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What are Search Engines?

Although being the most popular one, Google is not the only search engine out there. We also have Yahoo!, Bing, AOL,, and a whole lot more. By definition, search engines are computer software whose primary purpose is to help you search for specific data. To find information, all you have to do is type in the closest words related to what you are looking for, and with a click of a button, several results will come up.

Going with Google Ads

By now, everyone is probably aware that big information and data sites like Facebook (now called Meta) and Google store basic information of their customers: names, location, age, gender, and the likes.

When you run Google Ads, you utilize the information in Google’s database to target specific demographics that your business would like to penetrate. Every time people find services or businesses similar to yours, your ads will pop up regardless of the current status of your website. You have the freedom to pick your target area, gender, and age group too.

Google Ads offers tailored services depending on your preferences and even your budget, which is, of course, very helpful, especially for businesses that are just getting off the ground. If you’re in Newcastle or somewhere nearby, our friendly neighborhood Google Ads partner in Newcastle can help you with your ads.

Visits to your store should go up given the relevance of your business to people’s needs. The best part is, by doing this, you can also drive more traffic into your website, which will, in turn, increase its relevance and put it higher up the list and eventually on top of it. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Getting on Top of the List with SEO

If you have ever Googled something, which we bet you have done at least once unless you have been living under a rock, then you would know that there is a limit to the number of results you can get per page. Usually, websites with the highest relevance pop up first on the list, and less relevant ones go further down.

The top priority of SEO is to use a combination of keywords, rankings, site traffic, and overall conversion to make the website for your business as relevant as possible and make sure it is always on top of the list. Just like you, people rarely ever reach the second page of search results—the first few websites are usually relevant enough for you to get the information you need. So, as they say, it is always better to be on top of the list.

So Which is Better?

Overall, each has its strengths and weaknesses. SEO may take an entire team to work out and a longer time to realize, can and will get you to stay relevant for searches for a long time if done correctly. Relevance will take a lot of effort, and once it is high, it is not likely to go lower any faster. However, given the need for a team, costs do go a lot higher. But, in the long term, this will give you returns beyond expectations.

Google Ads, on the other hand, is very easy to use, even alone. You have to pick a couple of options here and there, pay a small price that is entirely dependent on your budget, select your demographic, and voila! You have the perfect ad campaign for your business. And because you can be your one-person team, you do not need to worry about paying an actual group to do editing, article writing, customer relations, and all that jazz.

Just run your Google Ads, sit back, and watch it do its magic while paying more attention to the actual business. For new businesses, this might be the option to take due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Most successful businesses came to be not because of fancy marketing and quick-return schemes. Instead, success shined upon them because of their relationship with their customers. As a new business owner, your priority should be precisely that. When it comes to advertising, pick the option that will take care of itself and not punch a hole through your pockets.

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