Graphene: Future Materials For A Sustainable World

Graphene is a curious substance, ultra-light and immensely sturdy, scientists have sought ways to utilize it in our everyday lives for many years now. Grolltex, which stands for “Graphene Rolling Technologies”, figured out how to transfer and process single-layer graphene sheets that can be used in a host of applications.

Their graphene sheets for sale are helping startups tackle big-picture problems and accomplish great things. Incorporating wearable technology is just the first step, but it’s the major innovations in consumer health monitoring that are offering a wide range of possibilities. With new innovations in water filtration, graphene shows promise for the future of the world as well.


Grolltex has utilized the highly conductive properties of graphene in a host of applications. Wearable technology might be able to provide accurate readings of our vital signs throughout the day, without a bulky watch or clunky device. Integrating graphene sheets within the design of clothing would help the average person review a host of vitals and data related to their daily life.

Walking down the street, your jacket might record your heart rate and capture your average UV exposure for the day. And, the technology may be so easy to create it will be disposable in nature. Making the future of medical monitoring within anyone’s grasp.

Water Resources

One of the unspoken problems facing our world in the future is the ability to create drinkable water that supports a growing population. Graphene represents a major breakthrough in water filtration because of one incredible property: hydrophobia.

Essentially, graphene filtration systems would be able to quickly separate water from toxins. Current systems utilize chemical filtration that breaks down harmful toxins, but may not completely remove them. Sometimes, other chemicals must be added to help purify what’s left over.

Coupled with the low cost of graphene, an entirely new form of water filtration may help consumers completely purify any form of drinking water. It might even fit into your pocket, attached to a device you fit on a fountain.

Medical Breakthroughs

Graphene can be utilized to detect more than just our heart rate. Grolltex points out that the company’s graphene products can be part of a new brand of technology designed to combat asthma. Asthma patients must often manage the respiratory disorder in a matter of moments. The symptoms can strike for many reasons, seemingly at random.

Graphene technology promises new ways to combat this problem by looking at ways patients can detect a problem before it occurs. Asthma patients of the future might wear a small wearable, much like a breathalyzer, which can detect the onset of an attack. Patients might be able to take steps to calm down or prepare an inhaler to deal with the attack before it happens.

The devices measure nitrite and nitric oxide, both indicators of airway inflammation. The best part is that these graphene sheets are affordable and easy to produce.

Final Thoughts

Graphene shows a great deal of promise for the future, and companies like Grolltex are at the forefront of building this new technology. Offering incredible properties, graphene can be used in nearly any setting.

Part of what makes graphene feel so groundbreaking is that we don’t know the limit for it. As nanoelectronics improve and computing speeds increase exponentially, wearables may soon take the place of our cell phone. Nokia is already considering this path.

Grolltex is helping startups approach these big picture challenges from a scientific perspective, offering innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

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