Helping Your Employees with New Technology

Introducing new technology to your business can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business model. It can help reduce costs and increase revenue.

Technological advancements enable colleagues to collaborate with each other better which saves time, money, and other resources. The use of technology also helps businesses improve customer experience. Analytics is also one of the most recent developments in technology. This allows businesses to collect and analyze huge amounts of data to make better business decisions.

With the numerous benefits that the use of technology can bring to a business, it is important to help employees who might be uncomfortable or even afraid of new technology. In this article, we explore certain ways that people react to technology. We then suggest specific ways to help them embrace the use of technology in the workplace.

How People React to Technology

Most people usually react in two general ways to the use of technology. Some people are more open to the use of machines and software. They have a better grasp of how technology is just a collection of individual parts that can be understood and controlled.

For example, this type of person knows that he or she can order watch parts or Sofly watch repair tools to fix a broken watch. This type of person knows that a Google search for online guides can help troubleshoot a computer program. These people are not intimidated by technology.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have people who treat technology like it was the great unknown. They feel like it is hopeless for them to understand what makes hardware or software work. They are afraid that something they do may cause irreparable damage. It is very important to help these people to make sure that they are comfortable at work and more efficient at the same time.

How to Help People Embrace Technology

There are several ways that you can help your employees become more accepting and even excited about new technologies introduced in your business model:

  • Help Employees Deal with Change
  • One of the most common reasons people are resistant to new technology is their discomfort with change. Introducing new devices or new computer programs can disrupt the routine that these employees have developed.

    Any form of change in our lives can make anyone feel stressed and anxious. But change is inevitable and necessary. It is the secret to successful growth.

    Help employees understand the necessity of change. Provide them with a vision of the potential offered by the changes that you’re introducing. Sharing with them this vision will help them feel more engaged. They will feel that they are an important part of the organization. It will help them become more optimistic and will improve their ability to manage change.

  • Have an Open Conversation
  • Even before you introduce the use of new devices or software, have an open conversation with your employees. Also assure them that they are free to discuss with you any thoughts, feelings, or experiences that they have after the changes are implemented.

    This will help your employees feel that they have been consulted and properly informed. They might be offended and less open to change if they feel that they were kept out of the loop. Knowing beforehand about transitions in the workplace will help them feel involved.

    Be careful with the language that you use. Talk in terms that your employees can understand, especially when you need to explain technical concepts and procedures. Use real-life examples. In every step of the transition, provide reassurances.

  • Listen to What They Have to Say
  • Listening is an important part of an open conversation. You can assure them that they are in an open dialogue with you if they know that you are listening to their feedback.Provide your employees with an opportunity to air out their thoughts and feelings. This will help reduce their resistance to change.

    Constructive feedback from your employees can also help you as a business owner. It is a natural part of business to be confronted with concerns or issues that was not originally predicted. Business is all about anticipating risks and reacting to circumstances with flexibility. If you listen carefully to the feedback from your employees, you might be able to identify necessary adjustments to your business.

  • Consider Hiring a Specialist
  • If it is within your budget, hiring a specialist is an option you can consider. Some employees will be reluctant to have an open conversation with internal management. They are more likely to accept information and announcements regarding necessary changes from a third-party specialist.

    Your employees may also be more open to an external specialist. They may be more willing to share with the specialist things they might never share to internal management.


The ability to use available resources is an important skill for a successful business. This is especially true when it comes to using technology. Implementing the use of the right technology in your business can be the key to unlocking successful growth.

Help your employees manage these necessary changes. Help them feel involved and engaged. Talk with them openly and listen to them carefully. And always remember to start small. Be aware of their limits and avoid giving them too much too fast.

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