How Can You Make Your Instagram Account Stand Out

Almost a billion accounts with 500 million daily users, how can you make your account stand out especially with the new algorithm which has been more complicated than ever? Among these billion users, a great number of individuals have their eyes on the goal of making their profiles stand out even if it’s just among their friends or among a community in a niche. If you manage a business profile, it would be crazy if rising above your competitors isn’t one of your targets. In different communities, micro-influencers (influencers with below 10,000 followers) have been gradually rising. They, later on, become big-time influencers, and the process repeats where a new set of profiles gradually increase their following. This goes the same with brands. However, not all accounts emerge to reach an influencer level of reach and impact. You may be wondering what are other accounts doing differently?

Here are some of the ways you can make your Instagram account stand out:

How Can You Make Your Instagram Account Stand Out

Know your purpose, your target audience, and your end goal

One of the most important factors in making your Instagram account shine among the billion others is building an identity. You may find your account having the same purpose and target as others but this can be used to your advantage. With knowing the identity you want to build, you can evaluate accounts that already have the similar content you want to post so you won’t make the mistake of publishing similar content as theirs. You can now then work on your strategy of how you can make yours different even with the same goals. Professionals doing instagram growth service can provide guidance to reach your goal.

Consistency is key

Make the most out of shared timing and frequency. Frequent sharing and perfect timing can help you jump on the most effective traffic schedule you want your posts to have. Also, being consistent with engaging posts can make your followers look forward to your next posts.

Always make room for interaction

Have fun with your content and come up with ways you can get engagements from your followers and even non-followers such as story templates that can be answered by anyone. Make sure to incorporate your account and brand into these stories people can use. Not only stories but also IGTV series and AR filters are also some of the ways you can subtly link your account and brand while targeting to capture the interests of many

Be authentic

Make sure to show how your products and services can be availed by people from different walks of life or your niche. If you’re aiming to reach soccer moms, publish posts of real testimonials from soccer moms.

Work on your Instagram Following

You can’t stand out if you can’t make your account credible and trustworthy. That’s what an increasing and a large number of followers offer. You can avail of an Instagram growth service where you can increase your following organically and instantly so all you have to worry about is maintaining those followers and getting them to engage with your posts and other content.

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