How To Free Up Time To Devote To Your Business

Is the rest of your life getting in the way of you being able to focus on your new venture? Tackling the challenges faced by your business takes time and dedication. The problem is trying to find that time! By investing time and effort in your business in the early days you are building up a secure future for you and your family. Here are some tips on freeing up some more time.

Turn people down

None of us feel comfortable saying ‘no’ to people but sometimes you just have to. You may need to turn down a few invitations and a few requests for help. This is not the same thing as isolating yourself from your friends. True friends will understand that you are under pressure and that you need some time to focus on your business. They also know that you would be willing to drop everything and come running in a true emergency.

However, this rule does not just apply to your private life. There may be some business opportunities that you need to turn down because they are not right for you or because you cannot foresee any tangible benefit for your business.

Delegate or hire in help

Do you have to do absolutely everything yourself? If you can hire some help, or delegate tasks, you will free up some time for the activities that really matter. Could you share the household tasks more fairly? Why not use a local cleaning company to get your weekly cleaning done and free you up to answer emails and network with potential clients?

Divide all the business tasks into those that you must do yourself and those that could be delegated to someone else. If you do not have any employees to delegate them to, you could hire a freelance personal assistant to help you out.

Work on tasks in batches

It is not possible to add hours to the day so you have to make the most of the hours that you do have. Batch working is the most effective way of doing this. Set an hour aside to work on one set of tasks. For an example, you could spend the whole time replying to emails, tinkering with your logo or scheduling your social media. Because you are focused on the one task, you will work quicker and achieve more in the time that you have.

Eliminate distractions

Turn your phone and email alerts off whilst you focus on one task. It is very distracting to have to stop what you are doing to look at texts or social media alerts. Leave your phone in another room if you don’t trust yourself. You can go and check it every half hour just in case there is anything urgent that needs your attention.

Finally, find somewhere quiet to work. This may not be at your business premises or at home. You may get more peace in a local café or even in the park!

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