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Are you earning using affiliate marketing? No, then you should get ready for this. Today, affiliate marketing is the most common used term in the market still; there are many people who are not aware of it.

Simply say, an affiliate program is an arrangement in which the online merchant site pays to affiliate sites a commission to sell their products online. The primary task of the affiliate site is to post links related to the main site. There are many online sites that pay commission based on the number of purchases made on their sites.

Basically, as an affiliate, you need to bring the traffic and sales to the merchant site based on the agreement.

You can also say that this is an excellent way to sell different items online. In addition to this, it is an effective and cheap marketing strategy and you don’t even need to source or ship the product to customers.

How it Works?

If you want to make money online, you can find many sites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Aliexpress and GearBest that offer their affiliate program to almost everyone. For this, you just need to join an online site’s affiliate program. GearBest is the best among other marketing sites as it offers amazing commission rates as compared to the other sites.

Once you join affiliate program of a particular site, they provide you with a variety of textural links and banners. You do not have a need to do much, just send those links and banners to the public and once a customer make a purchase you will earn the commission.

For this, you can promote the products using social media, notifications, PPC ads, emails, and newsletters.

Every time when the users click on your provided promotion link, this will be tracked by special software and when someone buys a product from that site then you can get money.

How to Earn $ from Affiliate Program?

It’s very simple to earn unlimited dollars using an affiliate program. For example, if you want to earn money; first of all, you have to sign up for joining the affiliate program of a reputed company like GearBest or Amazon.

After this, you will become a member of an affiliate program.

Now, as an affiliate, you just need to build your own website or if you already have a website then you can simply promote the products of your parent site by inserting its promotional links or ads into your site.

There is also another simple and fast way to earn dollars, you can create a blog and start writing unique articles about the products you are promoting by adding information about their products and interesting offers so, that people attract towards their site and they make purchases on that site.

By doing this, most of the people will start buying their products and you will start getting commission by their purchases.

For example:
If someone purchases a Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone from your social media channel, you can get $20 commission.

GearBest Affiliate Program Vs Other Affiliate Programs

Do you want to figure out which site offers the best affiliate program?

Here, I am offering a comparison among certain famous marketing site’s affiliate programs so, that you can choose the best one for you.

GearBest has been the leading online marketing site in China since 2013. Amazon has started its business by offering a number of products such as television shows, books, and movies. Today it is offering thousands of products like electronics, jewelry, toys, kitchen items, and gadgets. But, less as compared to the GearBest as it is offering over 100,000 products from the best Chinese manufacturers.

Amazon has been offering its affiliate program for several years but it offers limited options to the affiliates who want to earn more money. Amazon’s affiliate program is considered to pay less commission as compared to the GearBest. You can sell its products easily because for affiliate marketing you have to recommend people to buy many products and usually they are not get lured by your proposals. Most of the time, they need some type of offers to buy products and it provides best deals for affiliates in China.

People also do not like to buy product from Aliexpress due to low product quality and long estimated delivery time whereas GearBest the estimated delivery time of GearBest is very fast. Aliexpress is also a less trusted site.

Below is the comparison table of and Amazon:


GearBest Amazon
Over 1M Products Sell over 13M Products
High Commission Rate Upto 12% Commission Rate Is Upto 9% or Even Low in Some Categories
Support More than 259+ Countries Limited to Fewer Countries
Multiple Payment Options Including Paypal Gift Cards or Few Payment Options (Don’t Pay Through Paypal)
30 Days Validity for Cookies Offer Digital Products to Promote
Dont Offer Digital Product to Promote Support Only a Single Session
Straightforward and Very Flexible to Use Straightforward and Very Flexible to Use
Great Support System for Affiliates Good Support System



Analysis of affiliate programs offered by GearBest, Amazon, and Aliexpress

High commission rates

GearBest is the best in offering commission as compared to the other sites. It offers around 12% commission to its affiliates whereas Amazon offers 10% or less on some items and Aliexpress offer just 8%.

Commission on electronic products

By selling electronic products of GearBest you can get up to 9% commission and if you will join Amazon then you will get just 4 to 5 %, which is 8% in case of Aliexpress.

Commission On clothes

If you sell clothes then you will earn 12% commission on Gearbest whereas 7% on Amazon and 8% commission on Aliexpress.

Multiple Payment methods

GearBest also offer flexibility in choosing payment options, you can use PayPal, GB products, WebMoney, GB gift card, coupon, GB points and bank. Not such type of options is offered by Amazon which offers just bank transfer and gift card facility. And, Aliexpress offers just bank transfer payment method.

Some of the other features that make GearBest unique are:

• High commission
• Weekly Commission Payments
• Multiple Unique Tracking Methods
• Performance Rewards
• Fraud Protection
• Text, Image and HTML Banners
• Quick Reports
• More than 110000 products to choose from
• More than 9.4 Million customers
• People trust

In addition to this, GearBest offers the 30 days validity for cookies whereas Amazon and Aliexpress offer it just for a single session.

One more notable thing is that you can enjoy 30 days order review time on GearBest. It is 60 days on Amazon and Aliexpress, i.e. too long.

Why choose GearBest

GearBest was established in the year 2013. The company is growing well and want the general public to growwith them. Today, the company is famous among the reputed marketing companies with millions of best quality products and over 9,400,000 members. It is selling its high-quality products in more than 150 countries and most of the people are using their products.

The ultimate aim of joining an affiliate program is to earn money. So, you should really go for the site i.e. reliable, flexible and offer maximum commission.

Based on the above-provided information, it is clear that GearBest is offering the best commission rates to the promoters. You also do not have a need to spend a penny from your pocket for joining GearBest’s affiliate program.

So, if you want to become the part of GearBest affiliate program, visit GearBest website.

Join the program and get ready to earn!

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