Don’t Be Comfortable with Discomfort: Make Your Workplace More Pleasant!

Discomfort in the office shouldn’t be a given. Unfortunately, because you’re at work, a lot of people think that this is fine. But no employer should willingly allow employees to work in an unpleasant environment. Here are a few things you can do to improve things.

Sort out the temperature

When your employees are shivering, they’re hardly going to be doing their job properly. (Studies have also shown that they’re likely to get mean, paranoid, and maybe even a little ill.) Therefore, you must ensure that your workers do not get cold. For this reason, installing a heating system at will make your workers feel more relaxed and comfortable in their office. This can create discomfort for others, though. It might be best to find ways to prevent heat from escaping your office.

how to make your workplace more pleasant

Of course, it’s not just the cold you need to look out for. You’ve also got to be careful about the office getting too hot. This is bound to happen in the summer, with the sun beating down on a building that’s filled with warm, breathing bodies and loads of electrical equipment. This is why you also need to make sure you have a decent air con system to go with your heating. Be sure you keep the office temperature regulated in order to prevent discomfort and even illness!

Make the tech run smooth

One of the most common frustrations of any job is that of technology that barely works. It seems that so many business owners are happy to let their employees use really inefficient, cheap equipment. Just look at your average office computer. Many of them are quite old, and the Internet connection they use is often not that great either. Honestly, a computer that doesn’t do its job properly is often more frustrating than not having a computer at all!

Don't Be Comfortable with Discomfort: Make Your Workplace More Pleasant!

Don’t let this happen in your office. While we all understand the need to work within budget constraints, it’s important that you don’t let your employees stress away while wrestling with half-working equipment. This doesn’t mean you need to replace everything. It can be as simple as hiring I.T. support professionals to have a look at your equipment. There may be simpler ways to speed everything up.

Get rid of bad behavior

So the temperature is perfect. The computers run like a dream and your Internet connection is the fastest around. But people still don’t feel comfortable in the workplace. Well, do you know what kills people’s office comfort the fastest? Even with all the great furniture, nice temperatures, and cool tech in the world? That’s right: other people. Specifically, workers who are mean or lazy. If you want employees to feel comfortable, then you’ve got to get rid of the bad apples, so to speak.

You’re the boss. If someone isn’t pulling their weight, leaving others to pick up the slack? Then you can have a word with them about it. If someone is rude to others, passive aggressive, or just way too negative about everything? Then you need to give them some sharp feedback, too. And if these behaviors persist, then you’ve got to get rid of them.

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