Make Your Marketing Brochures Appealing to Your Target Market

Your company’s brochures are meant to convey information and get a target market interested in what you have to offer. One effective way to reach those goals is making the design appealing to potential customers.

Since almost everything these days has been digitized, many people think that brochures are no longer relevant. Nothing could be further from the truth. A professionally designed brochure is still as crucial in lead generation as any social media marketing strategy. Read on for some pointers for creating a stunning booklet.

Size and format

Choose a size and format that will suit your brochure’s purpose. If you want to determine the ideal size for your needs, make a list of all the information that you want to include.

This list will also inform your decision when it comes to the brochure’s format. For instance, if you have an extensive list to cover, it means you’ll need plenty of space. Your best format of choice then will be a trifold, double gate fold, or an accordion fold.

Graphic elements

Make sure that the photos you use are not only relevant to your message but also speak to your audience. If you are selling houses, for example, then using an image of a happy family moving to a new home will be a good idea.

Make your services look more enticing by using good quality photos. Stay away from stock images lifted from the Internet. Chances are, other businesses have used them. They will only make your brochure look unoriginal and unprofessional.

As much as possible, limit the font types to three. It will add to your brochure’s readability and general appearance. Also, be consistent with the use of typefaces across the pages.

In choosing the colors, think about your target audience. They shouldn’t only make your layout look more dynamic but also appropriate to your intended demographics. It would be a shame to use a bright purple and pink theme when you are targeting adult male business professionals, wouldn’t it?

Try to avoid trendy concepts, colors, typefaces, or elements that will make your brochure look dated after several months or a year. Unless you’re aiming for a retro look, your marketing material must survive the change of seasons, especially if your budget allows you to produce only one batch per year.


A well-written headline will draw your audience in and read your message. For maximum impact, state your offer in as few words as possible.

Remember to add a strong call to action. A good call-to-action statement encourages the readers to keep the brochure and do what it tells them to do, whether it’s to visit a website, call a number, or purchase something. With such a simple statement, you have a higher chance of getting the response that you desire.

Your brochures can contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. Whether you’re creating it yourself or hiring a specialist in graphic design in Salt Lake City, always remember these tips to ensure that your brochure is effective enough to attract people’s attention and, eventually, strengthen your brand.

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