Tips to Make Your Google AdWords Campaign More Effective

Website’s success depends on how good your traffic is. In other words, if you have a goal to sell something, the visitors to your page should be the ones having an intent to buy.

Most sites, especially when they start out, will more than likely struggle with getting such traffic, despite investments in SEO.

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the best ways to overcome this wall. But because you pay money for every click that you receive, even a small mistake could lead to a financial loss.

Certain elements go into optimizing these campaigns, and neglecting them is never a good thing. It is crucial to ensure that the whole thing is in order, and the tips below will be of excellent use to everyone who has no experience with Google AdWords.

Make Use of Coupons

Getting a Google Ads promo code is not difficult. And whenever there is an opportunity to save money on a marketing campaign, you should always take it. Especially if you have not worked with Google Ads before. It is a perfect way to test things out and see what you can expect.

Relevant Landing Page

Getting clicks is all well and good, but the ultimate goal is to make a sale. A campaign which drives people to a website is a success in itself, but if the traffic does not convert, everything will be for nothing.

A landing page has to be relevant, i.e. optimized and aligned with the ad. If someone visits the page, you better make sure that that person will find what he or she expects.

A message, similar to the ad, should also appear somewhere on the page. After all, it is what your audience is hoping to find here.

Negative Keyword Optimization

Optimization of negative keywords greatly improves the potential of your PPC campaign. AdWords let you discard keywords that are not good for your demographics.

Once Google has such information, your ads will not appear when an inquiry is made with an irrelevant keyword.

A good example of negative words would be “free”, “cheap”, “easy”.

Get Rid of Duplicates

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is not removing duplicate keywords. There is this thought that the competition between companies makes it unnecessary to get rid of these keywords as they do not have any impact on the campaign.

For instance, if you reduce a bid for a keyword, its other versions will also not be in a high priority. Before you know it, Google switches to another list, and your efforts end up being a complete waste.

Keyword Value

Researching the keywords is part of the SEO strategy, but more information about them is always beneficial for other purposes. Google AdWords is no exception to this one.

Google has a system which shows the quality score of each keyword. The fact that this score changes depending on various factors should not come to you as a surprise.

The best way to prevent losses and make adjustments when it is necessary is by constantly checking whether the value changes. Since you will not be invested in too many keywords at once, seeing how they are doing should not take too much trouble.

Size of Ad Groups

When you get some momentum and start running ad groups, make sure that you do not take things too far by putting too many words in them. Ads should be brief and to the point. Too much information is a hindrance.

As soon as you see that it is too big, change it, or try splitting the group in two.

Monitor Your Audience

Keep track of more than just your keyword performance. Try checking what are the most popular keywords which people type before they end up visiting your landing page, and, ideally, convert.

It is possible to find more keywords that you can include in your campaign, increasing the effectiveness.

Stop Underperforming Ads

It would be a complete waste of efforts and resources to continue running an ad that is underperforming. It is natural to have expectations, but failures are bound to happen, especially in PPC marketing.

Be sure to regularly look at how your ads are performing and get rid of any that are not doing that well. PPC is all about trial and error, so you should never expect to come up with the perfect ad from your first attempt.

All in all, if you are willing to learn about PPC and Google AdWords, you can definitely expect to see improvements for your website. Getting the right traffic is one of the most challenging things, but a good campaign can make it a reality.

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