Making Money From Niche Products

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘about as useful as a chocolate teapot,’ but what about unique, quirky things that are made from what seems like the most incongruous material yet work and serve a purpose. The world is full of people who think outside the box and view what they see around them in a wonderfully different way. Sponge raincoats aren’t going to make the grade, but there are a wealth of weird and wonderful things out there that are incredible feats of human ingenuity!

5 Incredible Business Ideas

1. Wooden Truck

We are not talking dinky toys. A gentleman by the name of Isaac Cohen decided to try his hand at making a vehicle built with an entirely wooden chassis. No stranger to woodwork, retired picture framer Isaac, built a roadworthy truck made out of beautiful rosewood. Complete with entertainment system and an integrated Nintendo, he auctioned off his creation for charity. He continues to construct wooden roadworthy vehicles simply because he can.

2. Fabric Buildings

We all know about marquees and tents. These are the traditional structures we think about when we consider shelters made out of fabric. However, fabric buildings can be produced on a much larger scale and reused across the world in a range of industries. Predominantly called coverall buildings, these structures are engineered mainly to store chemicals, salt and fertiliser so you may see them alongside factories or on farms. The advantage of a fabric coverall structure is that it can be built in only a couple of months and not need any internal pillars or support, meaning you can have an internal area of mammoth proportions.

3. Ice Instruments

Maybe venturing into the realm of novelty but still proving to be hugely successful are ice instruments. A company in Colorado decided to create the instruments to provide unique and bespoke orchestral concerts. Cellos, violins and a double bass make up a quartet that performs surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures. With tickets to their concerts forever sold out, this company has turned their seemingly wacky yet entrepreneurial ideas into a money-making business.

4. Paper Wedding Dress

Paper craft can be a little naive, but it can also be stunningly intricate and elegant. Just take a look at some of the origami and paper cutting that paper masters in Japan have been creating for years. Using precision paper cutting techniques, Ukrainian artist Asya Kozina designs traditional Mongolian attire and stunning wedding dresses. Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her big day and what better way to do this than by wearing a paper dress.

5. Trash

We are not talking garbage here; there’s nothing smelly or unhygienic about recycling trash to make some quality pieces of furniture. Using old cans, paper and plastic, sculptors and designers have made a range of designer pieces of furniture with designer price tags to match.

Using both natural and manmade materials in unusual ways makes for some unique and useful objects. All it takes is a spark of ingenuity to create them and a dash of entrepreneurship to make a business out of them.

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