No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

Are you starting to get to the point where you’re wondering what you have to show for all the work you’ve done so far? Or maybe you’re ahead of the curve and well aware that you should never just be earning to sustain yourself. You should be earning to build yourself. If you want to be truly successful, you need to start making an effort to grow your finances right now.

No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

No excuses

There are no excuses for being unable to set aside some money for the purposes of growth. If you have an income, then you will be able to find a share to set aside. Even if it means cutting out on luxuries. The reason it’s so easy to forget to is that you lose track of your spending and have nothing left over to save. So, start paying yourself first, moving your budgeted growth money from your account even before you start dealing with those essential expenses.

No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

Establish some defenses

You can start building up assets and investments very happily, but if you’re not protecting your finances, that isn’t going to mean a lot. If you don’t have an emergency fund to deal with the sudden possibility of debt, then you might find yourself losing those assets. If you haven’t taken a defensive strategy in diversifying your investments, you can find them all plummeting value in a single day. Set up some safeguards around your finances.

No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

Keep turning money into income

One habit you need to get rid of is the idea that you need to sit on your money. Yes, it’s a good idea to have savings for specific goals (like putting together a down payment or an emergency fund). If your cash isn’t doing anything, however, then put it to work. Look for ways to get it to earn like finding passive income producing property. You don’t have to put all your time into investing for it to work out for you.

No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

Take control of your career

You need to start thinking of your career as more than a means to earn you the money you will later invest. Make sure you’re always seeking upward mobility. If you’re serious about investing, then you want to gain the skills and experience to the point that you can start your own business. That won’t happen until you’re willing to take charge of your career and start getting ambitious.

No Brakes On This Gravy Train: Always Keep Growing

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future

Even if you’re just out of education, you should be contributing towards your retirement as best as possible. The more you contribute now, the more you will have to enjoy later in life even if your investments fails. No aspect of financial protection is more important than ensuring you don’t have to work into your twilight years.

Once you’ve started, you can’t afford to stop. Just think of what you’ll be missing out on later in life. Once you get these lifestyle changes ingrained, you’ll barely have to think about them in future. So, get into the habit now.

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