Marketing Methods For ICOs – The New Crowd Funding Era

Cryptocurrencies have become a booming industry and many businesses and organizations that are already founded will want to make use of this process of fundraising.  ICO, being one of the most efficient ways of raising funds for cryptocurrencies and their businesses, competition will have to be stiff. Yes, it is effective but before you get good results from marketing ICO, especially in this new era of crowdfunding, you have to have put in much effort as well because nothing comes easy right?

Most of the technology experts anticipate that ICOs might be pervasive in days to come. This is because many businesses being started will have to dig for more applications and the execution of cryptocurrencies.  Nevertheless, we will provide you with all the information you need about marketing ICOs, by providing you with a guideline on how to market and the best methods to use.

To get the best you have to give the best! Before we learn about the methods let’s first look at the tips you will require for marketing ICOs.

Identify your Market

You need to understand that not all companies are willing to apply the cryptocurrencies, even with the rising fame of ICOs.  Majority of people, who support cryptocurrencies, think that the systems of blockchain are the most effective and they will affect the huge companies, but this will need a lot of time to actually happen. There are important questions you need to ask yourself, for example; how will you amalgamate digital tokens into whichever business model you are using? Digital currency may not be beneficial to your business and the kind of services you offer. In such a case, an IPO route is the best option for you.

Be informed About your Audience

Cryptocurrency is almost a world of its own. Many people are still not well informed about cryptocurrency and what revolves around it. There are those who have the information about digital currency while some don’t even have the slightest idea. You will come across all kinds of audiences when introducing your ICO.  Therefore, you will have to find a way to deal with all of them by having PR elements that will help you engage everyone without sidelining anyone. You have to take into consideration the interests of the audience you are targeting with the way you put across a message.

Keep Updating Your Website

Ensure your website has the latest news and information on it. Your source of information has to be reliable because your possible investors may want to dig for more information. For any business to be successful, communication is one of the skills that have to be applied.

Provide Investors with Data

Providing data to investors and analysts gives them reasons enough to believe that your business will be successful. The statistics you provide show the essence and importance of making investments in your business. Give the investors a story explaining the motives and goals of your company. This gives the investors a basis to invest in your company. Majority of investors, want to invest in companies that focus on engaging clients in social practices and developments. By providing data of your company, more people will be aware of your business and they will understand better what kind of products and services you offer since reporters will give reports of the data that you give.

Follow Rules & Regulations

The more cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, the more rules and regulations are being formed to modulate it. For example, in 2017, SEC decided that there are digital coins which are securities.  You can have a legal specialist to inform you about the more complex rules but to make the most ICO presales, you at least need to be aware of the basic and simple rules and also know the strategies the SEC uses to compose a security in the digital coin.

Too much on the tips now let’s find out the methods to market ICOs;

Reenacting the ICOs

There are companies that offer a share and some of the profit they get through the ICO. To increase ICO presales, companies can also give discounts for the products and services they offer. Some companies also giveaway free ICO tokens to become well known in the crypto community. The profits will still be retained, and the company will have proven its reliability to customers. The money the company earns can then be reinvested for the purpose of marketing worldwide and this also endorses ICO.

Make Announcements on ICO Calendars.

This should be the first and easiest method. You should put up details about the tokens to be offered on the calendar sites. In case you are using technology that is blockchain, for example, Ethereum for ICO, you need to first find out the calendars that have the projects that are managed by ICO.

Publicize in Communities and Networks That are Professional

To get positive results from marketing ICOs, announcements should be made through social media platforms and communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn groups, discussions on Quora and Thematic Subreddits. Huge Reddits give a lot of profit. You should use the big Reddits and small Reddits to find out which one of them is best suitable for your selected objectives of marketing. Be keen on what you post on the Reddits because you could get banned from posting if you post irrelevant information. Make sure to follow all the subreddits rules.

Use Advertisements on Online Media

The online media includes blogs and releases from the press. Ensure your news is published on these channels after publishing the announcements on the social networks and communities. The advertisements could cost you some dimes, but it will all be worth it since many people will get to be informed about your company.


If you want your business to be successful, the above information will easily help you on that. All of the discussed methods will need you to put in work and effort and even at some point, you will be needed to make sacrifices. Remember, hard work pays. Dedicate your time and resources into marketing for ICO and you will reap good results from the success of your company. You can read more here:

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