Marketing Trouble-Shooter: 3 Techniques for Boosting Conversion

So, you’ve got a great marketing strategy. Not only does it tick all the boxes in any marketing textbook, but you feel as though it genuinely captures the unique voice and persona you have always envisaged for your brand. In that case, why is the company’s bottom line still so hellbent on contradicting your marketing team’s efforts?

This is a narrative that is all too common – despite the fact that there are a number of relatively quick and easy fixes that can, and do, boost conversions. In other words, even with a high CTR – and a notable boost that can be attributed directly to your marketing strategy – there are no guarantees that these high numbers will translate into an equally enviable conversion rate. We can, however, certainly make plenty of adjustments in a bid for the best scenario possible.
So, if you are looking to encourage your conversion rate to catch up to your CTR, read our tips below.

Marketing Trouble-Shooter: 3 Techniques for Boosting Conversion

Focus on the First Impression

Internet users – us included – are, on the whole, incredibly short on patience. Although ‘just browsing’ is certainly a phenomenon that translates to some areas of the web (particularly ecommerce), the majority of us get onto the search engine, or even click on an ad, with a specific purpose in mind. User intent will, in many instances, define quite how much time we are willing to invest into ‘the search’ before our attention shifts elsewhere.

It is for this reason that the strength of a website’s design and useability continues to be so intrinsically linked to the value of a strong SEO strategy. Even with the greatest amount of visibility – and a truly enviable CTR – sites must continue to make a strong impression on their new and returning users.

It is for this reason that utilising a landing page builder that enables its users to create new, unique and professional landing pages is so essential to maintaining a strong and competitive website. In much the same way that we frequently update, restyle and add intrigue to our brick and mortar storefronts, anyone maintaining a website must consider regular landing page development to be a mainstay, rather than an afterthought.

Shine the Spotlight on Your Reviews

It is an unavoidable fact that internet users trust other internet users’ experiences, thoughts and opinions – but it is also something that can be wielded in your favour, provided you have those reviews in the first place. According to recent statistics, for instance, around 60% of consumers consider reviews to be trustworthy or very trustworthy – but we needn’t look as far as the statistics. As internet consumers ourselves, we can look to our own experiences and quickly see quite how important the opinions of others are to us when we contemplate a purchase online – particularly when the brand is new to us.

Obviously, your first step is to begin the process of pursuing and collecting as many customer reviews as possible. Chasing up reviews is the sort of busywork many of us feel a little self-conscious doing – particularly when we are aware of the fact that negativity is, on the whole, more likely to entail a review than a positive impression.

Still, it is entirely possible – particularly as consumers grow more attuned to the benefits of sourcing and supporting smaller, independent businesses, and customer loyalty continues to play a key role in our online shopping habits.

Consider the Benefits of a Live Chat

Utilising a live chat application on your website may seem like a commitment that you are not yet ready to take on – particularly if your customer service team remains somewhat on the small side – but the fact of the matter is that live, human-to-human conversations remain invaluable to internet transactions.

There are many notable benefits to utilising a live chat feature on your website, and not least among them is the fact that they can – and, on many occasions, do – spell the difference between a conversion, and yet another bounce.

From enabling you to develop a more trusting relationship with customers who, on the whole, are in search of a more ‘human’ face to their online shopping experiences, to offering a manageable and cost effective solution, utilising a live chat holds plenty of benefits for your business.

Of course, for most businesses – even the world’s eCommerce giants – the CTR will invariably cause conversion rates to pale in comparison. It is a fact of digital marketing that, for every hundred or so clicks, the bounce rate will dominate on the other side – and yet, it is still entirely possible for businesses to see tremendous success via their website. Boosting your conversion rate is an ongoing process, however, and it relies on many different aspects – from ongoing web design and maintenance to technical SEO and long-term investment into seemingly extraneous factors such as customer service. While your products are, of course, the key to eCommerce, they cannot shine without a foundation of quality and professionalism.

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