Optimization Tactics: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Storage Space

There are many different reasons to rent storage space. Maybe you live in a small apartment that is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your possessions. Perhaps you are in-between homes and need to store your belongings for the short term. No matter what your reasons for renting additional storage, optimizing the room is always a good idea. Here are our top five tips for getting the most out of your space.

Plan in Advance

    1. Create an inventory list as you pack. This list is especially important if your things are going to be in storage for an extended period. Knowing that you put those critical legal papers in storage can save you grief in the future when you suddenly need them. Better still, label your boxes and note on your inventory list which box those papers are stored in.
    2. Match box size to shelving unit size. You’ll get more bang for your buck when you don’t waste space. Before purchasing any shelving, make sure the boxes chosen will fit onto the shelves without leaving any unused space. To make it easier to locate items, consider getting some see-through plastic bins.
    3. Make a map. Once you rent your storage space, draw a map, and plan how you’re going to use the area. Items you will access more frequently should be placed near the front of the storage unit. If you are using it to store clothing, designate an accessible spot for your off-season coats, pants, and jackets. This way, swapping out your closet twice a year won’t be a hassle.

Use the Entire Space

    1. Vertical storage is your friend. The square footage of a storage unit doesn’t tell the whole story. If you have bikes, consider hanging them from the ceiling. Your shelving units can be as tall as you like when you include a small ladder to access boxes or appliances stored near the ceiling. Vertical storage keeps your storage unit tidy. And, tidy spaces make it simpler to access your items when you need them.
    2. Pack items inside of other stored items. Are you storing a suitcase? Pack it full of easy-to-remove things that you can stash on top of other items when you need the bag for a trip. Then simply put them back into the suitcase upon your return. If you are storing a microwave or small tabletop oven, pack it with kitchen items before placing it on a shelf. The more nesting you do, the more room you will have to store other boxes.

When you plan your move into a storage space in advance, you are more likely to use the entire area. Doing this helps you avoid the trap of renting a space that is much larger than you need. Larger storage units cost more, so you’ll save money in the long term. Plus, a well-planned unit will be easier to access and will stay tidy for as long as you are using the unit. So, create your list, match boxes to shelving unit size, make a map, and use the vertical space as well as the space within other stored items, and you will be just fine.

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