Promote The Promotion And Drive Custom To Your Business

Promote The Promotion And Drive Custom To Your Business
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Custom is important to any business in the world, without it, they aren’t really a business. Once you’ve gone through the awkward hurdles of setting your business up, then you need to start to find ways of driving people to your store. There are many different methods to do this, but one of the most successful is by starting a promotion. It can be off a specific product or even a percentage off your whole range, whatever it is, money off and deals attract people like a moth to a flame. Here are some top tips to help you ensure your promotion is one to be remembered.

Use Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great and valuable marketing tool primarily because people will always spend more than what is on the card. You can send them out to people who have shopped with you before as a “thank you” when times are tough. Use it as a form of promotional credit. People will use it because it is after all free, but they will likely end up putting their own cash towards it too, meaning you’ll still make a profit. If you run a promotion on your website in conjunction with the distribution of gift cards then you can really start to rake people in. You can get some brilliant gift cards for your business at plastic cards.

Use Your Email List

You may have an email list for sending out emails to people who have subscribed to your site or maybe from people who have given you feedback in the past. Use them. Yes, it can sometimes be annoying to receive emails you simply don’t want. But when you have a promotion on it can be forgiven, people understand and many will like to have a look at your site to see what’s going on. It all depends on how often you run these promotions. If you do them all the time then the constant emails will become spammy. However, if you send them after long periods of time the emails and their content are more powerful.

Go Old School

If you run a shop then going old school with the posters and flyers can help reel people in. You need to produce posters that look professional and show people exactly what you’re offering. Don’t just stick them everywhere and make the place look messy, really think about it and where you’re going to put them. If your product applies mainly to students then put them around campuses and eateries that students hang around. The poster should be created using computer software, not by hand. The flyers should be similar, offering key information that draws the reader in straight away by how much you’re discounting your products by or whatever your promotion may be.

Harness Social Media

Take out advertising on Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you don’t want the added expense, launch an advertising campaign from your business page. Tell people about the money off in insightful status updates that are simple but not spammy, one a day or every other day will do depending on how often the update is shared. Post insightful content that will bring people to your business page and see the promotion, leading them to click through to your website.

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