Proper Ways to Advertise Your Business Online

The way technology is progressing is changing the landscape of many different advertising mediums and adding whole new others onto the rotary. It’s hard to find any successful business that doesn’t use online advertising to promote their services. Online advertising is still a relatively new form of advertising, and many beginners can experience confusion due to the lack of standardized or followed protocol. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you wrap your head around the proper ways to advertise your business online. Additionally, to learn more about ways to promote your website check out Hibu’s blog.

Google AdWords

No digital marketer can deny how beneficial Google AdWords can be for any type of business. Simple in concept but tricky in execution, AdWords requires researching keywords to find the ones that can put you at an advantage against your competitors. According to Seth Winterer, settling on a banner size that matches Google’s requirements is also important. Make sure to read about the common and recommended banner sizes to avoid getting the ad rejected by Google.

Using Social Media

As a business, the way you use social media is going to be drastically different from the average user. You should take advantage of the metrics that social media provides to business owners to help them target and specify demographics. The exposure you get from social media can increase exponentially if you play your cards right. Networking on LinkedIn, sponsoring ads on Facebook, and communicating with fans on Twitter are all great ways to take advantage of far-reaching social media channels.


There is a reason why SEO agencies treat blogs and articles as very important tools of advertising. As a new business, you should be looking to increase your followers in the right manner, allowing you to not only attract visitors but also convert them. But starting a blog is a responsibility of some sort because you need to keep it constantly updated with the newest trends in your specialty. A blog that isn’t up to date is a waste of previously written content and potential.

Video Guides

Even though blogs are quite important, the newer trend that has seen a lot of recognition in many different marketing circles is the video tutorials. If you happen to be in a line of business that can help others by showing video tutorials, you should take advantage of that. You’ll get the chance to promote your products in your videos while still helping people out for free, creating a stream of people interested in your brand for more than one reason. The budget you put in creating your videos is up to you, but it’s recommended you start with more basic tools and tutorials then upgrade as your video channel grows.

Email Marketing

Often considered by many new marketers as a traditional way of online marketing, email marketing is, in fact, still going strong after more than two decades. Aside from being quite simple and non-technical, email marketing is the cheapest way to advertise for a business online. The execution of an email marketing campaign will require a considerable amount of effort, but that’s a small price to pay when you have a tight budget.

Since the internet simply branches into endless channels that can be used in advertising, it’s important to be able to distinctively determine what’s beneficial for your own business. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all strategy, you probably won’t be that lucky when it comes to online advertising. So, make sure you invest some time into researching the best methods for your business based on your goals and needs.

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