Starting a Company During COVID-19: Here’s What You Need to Know

The unforeseen and often challenging circumstances may push would-be business owners into stalling and realigning their business plans. In fact, the fear of facing difficult decisions for a company to survive is evident in the closure of many new and small businesses.

Despite the current situation with the pandemic, many innovative and brave business owners think it is the best time to start a company. After all, the change in consumer demands and needs is pivotal for many entrepreneurs; they saw emerging consumer needs and market voids as opportunities for business.

Moreover, crises often pave the way for innovation. That’s why wise entrepreneurs never feel dejected when obstacles are presented in their way.

Starting a Company During COVID-19: Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting a Company Amid a Global Pandemic

It’s no secret that the fears and uncertainties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic can discourage many entrepreneurs from launching their startups.

However, the US Census shows an impressive increase of 93.6% in the number of new business applications in 2020 compared to the previous year. In fact, these emerging entrepreneurs gave rise to what is now known as the pandemic founders.

In this case, many of them adapted their business plans to the global pandemic’s changes and restrictions and have successfully launched their startups. Some of them even considered the pandemic as the catalyst that pushed them to start their own company.

This powerful combination of necessity and business opportunity is a compelling factor for entrepreneurs to meet the ever-evolving market needs.

How to Start a Company During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While it’s undeniably challenging to do so, it can be a good idea to start your own company, even during a pandemic. In this case, we have listed down some tips and strategies you can follow to help you start and launch your company even during the current economic climate.

One of the first and main things you will probably need to do is to register a legal entity (which most likely will be an LLC) and for that purpose LLCGuys will provide you with all sorts of free guides and advice regarding your company incorporation.

  • Know Your Why

Knowing why you want to start a company is often the best way to ensure you have a stable and steady footing. After all, your “why” will be a significant factor that can keep you going and pushing forth when you face the daunting challenges of starting and scaling your business.

So, take time to ask yourself and think about why you want to start a company during this time. Are you pursuing a passion? Do you want to provide service for your community? Or are you tired of working in a corporate setup and would like to be your own boss?

In this case, the response to your why can support you when you weather the challenges of starting a business during a global health crisis. It can also anchor and provide structure to your business plan.

  • Fill a Market Need

The pandemic has considerably changed the different market needs and wants. It has also shifted the way consumers make buying decisions. Therefore, the business world has seen a paradigm shift in consumer behavior.

So, consider the ways on how your company can fit the market needs and consumer lifestyle. Be observant and do your research. Moreover, study business ideas thoroughly and consider how you can use them to serve your customers and improve their lives.

After all, the current market void needs to be filled. In this case, wise entrepreneurs provide what the market needs right now and anticipate future needs and requirements.

  • Have a Solid Business Plan

A solid business plan should be flexible enough to adapt to the current and future business climate. So, develop a business plan that addresses the present needs and anticipates sudden changes in market demands and possible financial roadblocks.

In addition, plan and prepare for possible business diversification, expansion, or reduction.

Always register your business to protect you from the liability from any unexpected events.

Nowadays, you can register a business at a very low cost with the help of virtual incorporation services. Then, once you are ready for unstable and unfortunate situations, you can cushion your company and prevent further loss or damage to your personal assets.

  • Create a Strong Digital Presence

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to transition from traditional to digital. In fact, almost every transaction nowadays is done online. This shift was the outcome of the lockdowns and physical restrictions to contain the virus.

Therefore, having a robust digital presence at the start of your business can be a great advantage. After all, your online presence can boost your marketing and ensure you reach a broader audience since most people are online.

Moreover, digital marketing also provides a convenient avenue for your company to connect and genuinely engage with your consumers on your social media platforms. After all, authenticity is a proven strategy to build trust and lasting relationships with current and potential customers.

With all that said, technology has proven itself to be indispensable. So, by using technology to your advantage, you can launch your company with solid groundwork.

  • Invest in Social Benefits

The pandemic helped highlight and redefine the value of social responsibility in business. Because of this, consumers are more inclined to patronize products and services from a company that promotes care and concern about the current global issues.

In this case, it’s best to position your startup as a socially responsible company with a business model that focuses on social or environmental change. After all, people often feel good when they buy products or use services that make them feel like they made a difference.

In addition, you can also implement initiatives for equality and inclusivity. Likewise, you can also produce green products that promote sustainability and climate resilience.

You can also opt to donate some of your proceeds to a worthwhile cause. Overall, these simple social initiatives can attract customers and maintain their loyalty.

  • Be Adaptable

Starting a business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly requires adaptability. In fact, adaptability is considered one of the essential qualities for a startup or an existing business to survive in trying times.

Therefore, companies that cannot quickly adapt to the moment’s needs find themselves in a more difficult situation than those that are flexible and agile enough to pivot their plans and strategies.

With that said, one way you can promote company adaptability is by preparing short-term goals and confronting short-term challenges. After all, tackling all possible stumbling blocks as they appear is an effective way to overcome business challenges.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the key to successfully start a company in the middle of a global pandemic is to come prepared and ready. After all, successful entrepreneurs are those that have the will to deal with risks and uncertainties.

In addition, companies that strike out and seize opportunities are more likely to succeed and scale, regardless of the present and future challenges.

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