Top 5 Things That Should Be on Your Resume

What are the important things to include in your resume? It is important to provide prospective employers with a complete picture of your professional and personal skills and experiences in a clear and concise manner. The five things below should be part of every job resume.

Job Experience

Your history of employment will no doubt be the most important consideration for a potential employer. It is important to demonstrate a record of relevant and reliable work experience. It is not necessary to list every job you have held in your lifetime. For example, a part-time job you had while in high school probably possesses no relevance to a professional position you seek in your thirties.

You should list the most recent positions you have held including your present job if currently employed. If you have more job experience than can be listed, be sure you include positions you were good at that pertain to the present job you seek.

It is important that this and other information be delivered in an easy to read and organized manner. You can click here to get more information on how to organize this information and check out samples as well.


You need to inform prospective employers of your educational accomplishment. Be sure to list all degrees and certificates you have earned. Also, list the educational institutions where you earned these certifications. Employers differ on the details wanted regarding your educational experiences. You will have to use your judgment regarding what should or should not be included. However, things like GPA, academic awards, and campus involvement are good factors to highlight.

Special Experience and Skills

You should alert your potential employer to any valuable experiences or specialized training you may have which add to your qualifications for a particular position. These skills and experiences can include computer programming knowledge, ability to speak secondary languages, internships completed, and all other abilities and qualities that round out your skillset.

Volunteer Work

The work as a volunteer you have completed in the past may or may not have direct relevance to the position you currently wish to hold. However, demonstrating a history of serving others can be attractive to employers. This service demonstrates you are willing to do more than is required. It also shows you are willing to place a priority on the concerns of others. You should include work you have done for a charity, tutoring or mentoring you have done, and activities with your church or another faith-based group. This section is where you should list any acts of selfishness you have performed on an ongoing basis.

Personal Characteristics

You should remember employers understand they are hiring human beings and not just a list of qualifications listed on a piece of paper. For this reason, you should give employers a good sense of who you are as a person. Provide a section in your resume that lists your interests, hobbies, and recreational activities.

You should talk about the movies, books, and sports you enjoy. You should also include interesting facts about yourself or past experiences. Do not fill the resume with too much of this information but just the right amount should be added to explain who you are as a person.

Deciding which information to include in your resume is many times much more of an art than a science. One thing that is agreed upon is the resume should provide the employer with a complete picture regarding the positive qualities you will bring to the company you wish to work for. The five items mentioned above are a must for a well-crafted resume.

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