Top Five Reasons Your Business Still Needs Office Printers

With the emergence of EDI software, cloud solutions, and big data, many businesses understandably have converted to a paperless system. The benefits of this move were numerous including a greener approach to running a business and a slicker operation all told, but clearing out printers in the office may be a move that is a little hasty. In fact, there are still a number of compelling reasons as to why you will still need office printers. Let’s take a look.

Top Five Reasons Your Business Still Needs Office Printers

Your Customers

You may wish to run a paperless enterprise, dealing with invoices, receipts, and policies using electronic data, but what about your customers? Not everyone is happy with a paperless situation and especially among the older population, who have always had physical documents, paperless is something which unsettles them. Furthermore, some people do not have the means to access paperless documents, not everyone has an email address or computer access.

So, for those who still prefer physical documents, it is essential to have reliable office printers such as Konica Minolta copiers to produce high-quality and professional-looking documents. These copiers can help you cater to the needs of your customers, ensuring that you continue to meet their expectations while running a paperless enterprise.

Tech Issues

It is true that tech has come a long way and a crashed computer or hacked system does not always mean a complete disaster for your business. With this being said, however, a failure to back up important documents and a subsequent computer crash and that information could very easily be lost forever. For this reason, it is worth having office printers which can produce a hard copy for safety’s sake.

Paper Means More

There has been a number of studies in the workplace which actually indicate that employees working from physical paper, show higher levels of productivity. Furthermore, paper can be used to help employees understand what you are showing them during a presentation. Ultimately there is always more value in physical items, and this is certainly the case with paper in the workplace.

The Mail Problem

Physical mail has come full circle and whereas this was once an annoyance for so many people prior to the world moving online, it is now a welcome part of the day. The difference is that junk mail stopped, as those companies recognized that email was a far better way to spam people. This resulted in less mail coming through the door, and more appropriate mail arriving when it did. People enjoy receiving mail and it will work wonders for attitudes towards your business.

Satisfying Everyone

As we have established, simply because much of the world has gone paperless, it doesn’t mean that everyone has. Because of this there really is no reason to limit your business to only dealing with clients and customers which fit into your new, tech-savvy view. It is never a good idea to limit your business’ options at all, which is yet another reason why that office printer still has a role to play.

By all means, move to become a business that uses less paper, but don’t get rid of those office printers just yet.

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