Video Production for Corporations for Post-Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to changes across many industries, including video production. As corporations navigate the post-pandemic world, they need to be aware of these shifts and how to navigate them. Here are some of the differences you may notice as the world re-opens.

How Can Video Help Your Business?

All-Remote Is 100% Possible

Technology got a significant boost during the pandemic. Video production companies have learned how to handle most customer needs remotely. How did these changes come about? Demand increased for video production during the pandemic, and agencies had to get creative to meet expectations without reducing safety. For example, interviews with employees for corporate films went digital with everyone signing in from home.

Additionally, mini-shoots and hybrid in-person/remote sessions have become the new normal. In many cases, this has cut down on overhead, too. Shooting at different locations is expensive. With less traveling for everyone, the costs are down.

Leaner Productions

Fewer people and less equipment have led to leaner video production. Experts believe this trend is here to stay. To keep people safe, smaller crews have been necessary. However, companies have found this works. So why not run with the change if it saves you and your customer’s money without sacrificing quality?
A great example of this is corporate announcements. A remote location is easier to prepare, and you aren’t paying to rent a spot. As long as the equipment is state-of-the-art, no one has to know the event was held in the CEO’s home office.

Increased Partnerships

The industry has had to come together during the pandemic. Look for crew members that are already in the area and hire them for one-time productions. This action reduces travel and limits the gear necessary for each shoot. Yes, it takes away from profits when you have to pay the non-employees, but fewer expenses offset the staffing costs.

Virtual Live Events

Virtual events got better during COVID-19 lockdowns, and it’s not going away. Customers now have more expectations of optional virtual attendance. All industries are experiencing this expansion, with doctors and other medical professionals expanding remote appointments. Medical facilities can even use video production to create marketing materials for their remote operations. In addition, high-quality virtual gatherings, meetings, classes, training sessions, and even art, music, and other lessons are now possible, opening up a whole new world for video production.

Worldwide Video Collaboration

Video collaboration is now more than ever on the international stage. People are working together all over the world through live feeds and recorded videos. In addition, everyone has learned that you don’t have to be in the same room to collaborate, which is expanding knowledge and improving brainstorming sessions between employees on different sides of the planet.

Learn more about corporate video production and how it can help your company meet its goals in the world’s post-pandemic environment. From stockholder updates to employee training videos, we can help you complete high-quality videos no matter what challenges you’re experiencing in the post-pandemic world.

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