4 ways to Manage Sales Activity


Tips on Management of Sales Activity

management of sales activity

Salespersons have to juggle and multitask. In front of clients and customers, salespersons have to be friendly and project enthusiasm and passion while promoting their products and services.

In the office, salespersons have to be logical and organized in keeping track of their daily and monthly sales track record and progress of the sales. Likewise in driving, salespersons have to change gears when necessary. One of the most challenging tasks of salespersons is managing their sales activity.


In this article, we will tackle the ways to manage sales activity.

1. Sales Activity Flow


Sales activity is a continuous cycle. From this order, your sales track record will be much higher. Just follow the sales process and add new clients while maintaining good relations with existing clients.

2. Sales Management

Based on the sales flow, define the status for each client. That means, create a chart to track the progress of your sales activity. To get an example, study the chart below.


3. Formula to Calculate Average Sales

By studying the chart of your sales activity, you will know which sales have been closed and which ones are still pending.

To get the average sales, calculate the rate of success by identifying and sorting the status of each client.

The formula for measuring the rate of success in sales is as follows:

Success rate= number of closed sales or orders/ total number of clients approached

That means, success rate is equal to number of closed sales orders divided by the total number of clients approached.

4. Make the monthly sales forecast

Based on the average sales, make a sales forecast. By studying your progress, you can modify your sales activity.

It’s only by looking back at our past actions can we decide the changes that need to be made and make progress in the future.

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