Ways to Reward Good Employee Behaviour

Not all employees perform their best all the time. Some of them get exhausted and can’t do well. Others become complacent and are no longer doing their best. Therefore, if some employees continue exhibiting excellent behaviour, they deserve a reward. It motivates them to continue doing the right thing. It also encourages others to follow in their footsteps.

Offer monetary reward

Everyone needs to have financial stability. Therefore, if you’re going to reward your employees, it should be in monetary form. It’s easier for them to appreciate the gesture if it can help them financially. The reward can be through a salary bump or bonuses. 

Elevate them to a higher post

Another strategy is to elevate the excellent employees to a higher post. It allows them to show leadership skills even more. It’s also a way of letting them know that you trust them to handle more difficult tasks. Of course, there should also be a financial incentive in accepting the higher post.

Offer specific benefits

Apart from monetary rewards, you can also ask the employee to choose a specific benefit. It might be a chance to have academic leave. It might also be as simple as having some extra paid leave. The goal is to allow the employee to feel good about doing the right thing at work.

Let everyone know 

Perhaps, the best way to reward the employee and encourage others to do the same is by letting everyone know. It allows the employee to feel good about the work done. It also tells other employees that if they will continue working hard, they will also receive such recognition. Remember that not everyone works hard for financial gains. They also do it because they want to get recognized for their efforts.

Give a handwritten note

There are times when a reward isn’t something big. It can be a simple handwritten note. It’s something that most employees will appreciate. Sometimes, they work hard without getting any recognition. If they know that you see their hard work, it will motivate them to do better. Leave the note on their table and surprise them when they arrive the next day. You can also purchase office stationery so that you can write the best note for your employees.

Allow them to choose the next project

Excellent behaviour shows that the employee is capable of doing well as a leader. If you want to give an opportunity to lead the next project, you should allow that person to choose. Avoid making that person feel bad by leading a difficult project and failing. Sometimes, people excel because they’re doing what they love.

Employees deserve a reward. You need to understand how difficult it is for them to keep working. Others face difficult situations at home. Despite all the challenges, they continue doing what’s best for the business. The least you can do is to give them small rewards. Remember when you were also trying to move up the corporate ladder. These rewards meant a lot to you.

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