Who Owns The Most Bitcoin?

“Bitcoins,” a digital asset – is approximately $143 billion in market capitalization as of March 2020. Many think of it as one of the most popular digital currencies ever developed. It was only inevitable that the cryptocurrency spawned such a diversified field of millionaires. When they first hear of forex trading, most people think about the massive profit but not the efforts and risks behind it. If you desire to get into this challenging field, you must know how to get a bitcoin first.

Many investors have made a big name in bitcoins, and we are here with all journeys. While most people on this list were not always early investors but also predicted its economic possibility, some were not only early investors but also forecasted it.

Who Has The Most BTC?

We have assembled a list of those people who have the most bitcoins. So, let us get towards them!

Who Owns The Most Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto

The enigmatic Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto was the first miner. Satoshi mined over 22,000 blocks and earned over one million bitcoins in combined block rewards. As a result, Satoshi is thought to have the most significant cryptocurrency cache, worth around $4,500,000,000 today.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the alias for the creators of Bitcoin and the white paper. Although his true identity is still unknown and he is credited with creating Bitcoin. Nakamoto wanted to establish a currency that could withstand global economic crises and enable people to save money. Surprisingly, Bitcoin became a globally accepted new financial system.

Micree Zhan

In 2017, it equaled one Bitcoin to 20,000 USD, and the Micree Zhan has the second-highest number of Bitcoins. Zhan co-founded Bitmain alongside Jihan Wu. After a long struggle with Wu and other executives, Zhan left Bitmain in October 2019. Zhan has since bought shares from other stockholders to restore his CEO job. Forbes estimates Zhan’s net worth at $3.2 billion.


Mike Novogratz is third in this race, and he launched Galaxy Investment Partners, cryptocurrency investment and development firm. He reportedly put $7 million into Bitcoin in 2013 and utilized that money to start Galaxy seed funding. It is valued at $478 million, per Forbes.

Matthew Roszak

Co-founder of Bloq, a blockchain-based innovation startup focused on intelligent contracts networks and applications. Bloq helps banks store digital assets safely and processes payments for “stable coins.” Roszak has long been a crypto supporter, lately leading a campaign to give each member of Congress $50 in cryptocurrency. Forbes estimates his crypto net worth at $1.2 billion.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters is another crypto investor that made a list. He is a former Managing Director of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. This firm produces encryption-based processing tools to improve trading performance, security, compliance, and settlement speed. For example, J.P. Morgan Chase agreed to test DAH’s high-level blockchain technology for speedier transaction settlement. In 2018, Masters left DAH for personal reasons and joined Motive Partners. Blythe Masters’ net worth is predicted to be at least $500 million by 2021.

Dan Morehead

Dan Morehead, the founder of Pantera Capital, is the world’s first cryptocurrency investing firm. Pantera Capital’s bitcoin fund has returned over 24,000 percent to investors, giving Morehead a net worth of almost $200 million. Pantera Capital not only invests in cryptocurrencies but also funds exchanges and coin trading services.

Investing in Polychain Capital, Bitstamp, and Augur is popular. From 2013 through 2018, Pantera was one of the largest institutional bitcoin investors. Exchanges and investment organizations (like Polychain Capital and Bitstamp) to coin trading platforms are their cryptocurrency assets.


Tesla has invested about $1.50 billion in Bitcoin. The investment equals roughly 7.7% of Tesla’s $19.384 billion cash reserves as of Q4 2020. Tesla recently stated that it would be the first carmaker to accept Bitcoin payments for its goods.

Grayscale Investments

Grayscale Investments is one of the most well-known Bitcoin brands for a good reason. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is the largest and only Bitcoin investment vehicle available in traditional finance. In recent years, it has risen considerably, so they had to buy so much Bitcoin to match investor demand. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust controls approximately $30 billion in BTC and owns 656,166 BTC, making it the world’s most adaptable institutional investing platform.

Who Owns The Most Bitcoin?

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin is the most popular and lucrative cryptocurrency. These are only a few early investors who identified a profitable potential and started acquiring or mining Bitcoin. These figures will always impact future investments by individuals and institutions and will encourage other firms to adopt Bitcoin into their operations, increasing Bitcoin’s popularity and value over time.

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