Why Every Business Needs a First Aid Policy

A comprehensive First Aid Policy ensures that there are always competent first aid personnel on hand who have the tools you need to deal with any emergency. Accident, illness and injury can strike at any time, even in seemingly safe workplaces. People at work can fall ill or suffer injuries, which may or may not be related to the work they do. But what is extremely important is to address and manage such situations appropriately before expert medical help arrives.

Here are some most common scenarios when an employee or visitor may need immediate first aid:

  • Choking
  • Severe Bleeding
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Severe and Sudden Gastric Problems
  • Unconsciousness

Why Every Business Needs a First Aid Policy

Not only is a First Aid Policy a legal requirement in many states and countries, but it is also part of your general responsibility to your employees’ safety, health, and well-being. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should have a proper First Aid Policy for your business.

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It could save someone from death

First and foremost, the main reason you should implement a First Aid Policy is that it can save lives. Just imagine there is an accident in your office – who could you rely on to give exactly the needed first aid? A trained first aider will know exactly how to handle the situation for the best possible outlook.

That is possible only when you support your employees with proper first aid training to build confidence in them and inspire the ability to react immediately to an injury or accident. The American Heart Association tells us that up to 200,000 lives are saved each year through CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in the USA alone.

It will make your workplace safer

Many prominent companies include first aid in their employee training program. This is a very wise decision as it will teach employees how to look out for one another in a time of need. They will learn to be more cautious when it comes to safety and eventually this increased safety awareness will reduce the number of workplace accidents. Naturally, when accidents and incidents do occur, employees who are trained in first aid will know how to deal with them.

It creates goodwill and positive work environment

Providing first aid training has many benefits for employees and the workplace more generally. First aid is a useful skill that gives employees confidence and important responsibilities. By giving your employees this handy training you show that you not only value their safety but also want to build their skills.
Your concern for your employees will be reflected in their dedication towards your business. First aid training is an excellent way to build high morale and unity in a team. The positive, team mentality will help build a good relationship with your employees, and this will create a positive work environment.

It promotes safety even outside of the workplace

First aid training is not only paramount in the workplace, but it also benefits the larger community outside your office walls, because these life-saving skills will stay with first aiders throughout their life. This means they will be able to alleviate the dangers of any emergency at home or in public. So conducting first aid training is actually a contribution to society.

Proper use of first aid kits

Keeping a first aid box in your office is only half the job done, as you need to have trained first aiders on hand to deploy such a kit. First aid training provides comprehensive, practical knowledge of how to react in an emergency and what to use from the first aid toolbox. Otherwise, you may have the most well-stocked and expensive first aid kits in the world, but they’ll be of little use.

Quicker recovery from illness and injury

A rapid and appropriate response to an emergency situation in the workplace will not only save an injured or ailing person’s life but also help them recover more quickly. Whether a potentially life threatening situation or something more minor, effective first aid can greatly reduce recovery times and have your employees back at work sooner.

It builds confidence and clarity for an emergency situation

First aid training not only teaches trainees how to provide essential first aid to the patients but also builds confidence and management ability. In learning how to react in an emergency situation, they learn how to handle any situation without getting scared, confused, or overwhelmed.

Your business’ first aid requirements will depend on your field, the nature of your work and the risks associated involved. First aid kits for different businesses may have different tools and supplies based on the type of work and the risks involved. While safety begins with prevention, not every accident or illness can be prevented. That is why a comprehensive first aid policy is critically essential for every business to protect your employees and promote general workplace safety.

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