4 Fun Ways to Boost Morale and Motivation at Work

Constantly trying to improve morale and motivation at work is vital for companies to develop and thrive. Employees’ morale depicts the overall attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that they feel toward their workplace. 

Low employee morale is the number one reason for high turnover, low productivity, and a high rate of absenteeism in a company. As a result, companies cannot ignore the topic of employee morale.

As a leader, it’s important to know how to proceed to increase motivation and morale among the employees within your organization. Without the employees, the company is not worth much. So it is of great importance that your employees feel happy and content. They need to feel motivated to come to work and do a good job every day.

Activities for boosting cooperation and teamwork don’t have to be tedious and repetitive. On the contrary, they can be enjoyable and productive. Below, we share some fun-filled ideas to help boost morale and motivation at work in the long run.

Fun Ways to Boost Morale & Motivation at Work

Increase Motivation in Your Workplace With a Welcome Package

We rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression. So, it is important that you, as a manager, welcome new staff in the best way possible. In addition to introducing the new tasks to the person, introducing them to co-workers, and showing them around the workplace, there is something else you can do.

You can prepare a welcome package that is given to the new employee on the first day. Fill this package with practical and stylish merchandise. It can include, for example, a mug, a notebook, and a shirt with a print of the company’s logo. This will most certainly make the person in question feel properly seen and welcomed into the company.

Add Sporting Activities to the Workplace


We are all aware of the many benefits of exercise. When a person is more active, they lead healthier and more productive lives. This is good for businesses because it means that their employees will not miss work as a result of becoming sick. Research conducted by a team of scientists at Loughborough University also found that exercise in workplaces can lead to improved group performance, colleague relationships, and cohesion.

A fun way of introducing exercise in your workplace can be to create one of the company’s unused office spaces and turn them into a yoga or mindfulness room. Here, employees can gather and do simple exercises together first thing in the morning or during their lunch breaks. You can also ask a professional yoga teacher to deliver sessions during your employees’ break times.

Another fun way to boost morale and motivation is to play golf at the office. Golf is an excellent way to relieve work stress, it makes a great networking activity and you can also use golf as the perfect opportunity to discuss collaboration among team members. You only need an office putting set or indoor golf putting green, invite your colleague to a game, and encourage social interaction and conversation.

Organize a Friendly Competition in the Office

Fun Ways to Boost Morale & Motivation at Work

Take a break from the daily routine with a fun workplace competition. Gather employees from different departments to compete, collaborate and get creative. Organize conversation meetings about everyday topics and use them as an opportunity for the whole office to get to know each other better.

If you need more inspiration, you can, for example, get your colleagues to tell you about their favorite dishes and food experiences and create a competition. Organize a party and compete with different themes. For example, you can get everyone to make their sport-themed snack preparations during a World Cup match or homemade desserts around Christmas. Let everyone vote and award prizes to those who made the best treats.

Create an Art Project

Creating an art project together allows employees to express their creativity and their own personal style. It could be something as simple as printing out a black-and-white mural to hang on a blank wall. Place crayons and markers nearby to encourage people to color in the painting or make their own illustrations.

If the mural becomes popular, you can even consider hiring an art professional to lead an office course. Everything from painting parties to drawing classes, there are many opportunities to inspire employees to unleash their inner artists and become more creative at work.

Final Words

Small fun activities can mean a lot to employees and boost their morale and motivation. Take the time to organize something and show employ­ees that they actually  mat­ter in the workplace. You might be surprised at the prolonged positive effects on teamwork and job performance.

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