Converse Makes Sneakers with Wah-Wah Pedal

Converse has created something that guitar players all over the world will love The company is set to launch a sneaker that has a built-in wah-wah pedal. Named after a guitar icon, the Chet Atkins All Wah will enable guitar players to add a wah signal to any plugged in guitar just by simply moving their foot. There have been many modifications made to the wah pedals since its conception. Different manufacturers have distinct tones and modulation properties. It has remained to be one of the famous pedal effects used by guitarists globally and you will often find them stuck in pedalboards.

The traditional wah-wah pedal modulates the tone of an electric guitar with the use of an external amplifier. Now by just moving his or her foot up or down, the wearer can have more bass or more treble. The All Wah works with the help of a sensor placed in its sole and with a Bluetooth technology that sends the wah signal wirelessly. It also enables the player to connect the sneakers to any gadget like a Mac PC or an iPhone.

From a press release issued by Converse, there is no specific date yet when the sneakers will be released. However, the company has already let thirteen guitarists test out the prototype.


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